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Separate Waste Collection Initiative Kicks off at HSE on September 21

Bring waste for recycling and earn points


On September 21, Green HSE launches its initiative, Separate Waste Collection for Points.


  1. Register online and get your personal identification number. If you had previously registered for the initiative in March, you’ll need to re-register.
  2. Start collecting recyclable waste. The more waste you bring, the more points you get. Follow the rules: remove any food residue and, if possible, compress the waste down, so that it doesn’t take up as much space. Make sure to check the list of waste that is accepted for recycling as part of this initiative.
  3. Pack your waste and attach a sticker with your personal number to your bag.


Check the schedule. Each type of waste is accepted on a specific week:

September 21-27: Clothing

September 28 – October 4: Paper

October 5-11: Plastic

October 12-18: Specific waste – plastic cards, toothbrushes, pens, plastic straws, CD disks and their boxes, spray cans

October 19-25: Plastic bags

October 26 – November 1: Electronic devices

November 2-8: TetraPak, PurePak, EloPak, SIG Combibloс

November 9-15: Plastics marked ‘5’ and ‘6’

From September 21 to November 15, bring your waste to the waste collection boxes in HSE buildings. They will be in the following buildings:

  • 3 Bolshoy Tryokhsvyatitelsky Pereulok
  • 8/2 Maly Tryokhsvyatitelsky Pereulok, Building 1
  • 2/8 Khitrovsky Pereulok
  • 4 Armyansky Pereulok, Building 2
  • 11 and 20, Myasnitskaya Ulitsa
  • 26 Shabolovka Ulitsa
  • 21/4 Staraya Basmannaya Ulitsa
  • 7 Vavilova Ulitsa

A volunteer in each building will weigh the bags, take your number and add it to a spreadsheet. The weight will be converted into points, which you can use to buy prizes from our partners in this initiative.

‘Each individual produces 500 kilos of waste per year of life and 35 tons of waste over a lifetime of 70 years. 90% of all waste goes to landfill, where it takes centuries to decompose, emitting toxic substances. Separate waste collection helps to identify waste that is suitable for recycling. This helps not only bring the maximum of materials back into the manufacturing cycle, but also to cut costs on waste removal, as well as decrease the carbon footprint, general pollution, and the amount of land used for landfills’, said Daria Podolskaya, organizer of this initiative.

September 08, 2020