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Join a Student Council Committee Today

Academic mentoring, cooperation with international universities, psychological assistance and other projects you can join

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Until March 1, the HSE Student Council will continue to recruit new members to its committees. HSE Life covers the achievements of the Student Council and the projects that you can join right now.

If you want to participate in the Student Council, fill out the form here.

Research Committee

Academic Mentoring Programme

The Academic mentoring programme is a platform where the students can consult with a mentor about their individual academic track and opportunities for development in research both at HSE University and beyond.

Other Projects the Committee Is Launching This Year

Research Committee Open Lectures

The Research Committee supports educational activity. The organisers plan to launch an open lecture project and invite both renowned and emerging scholars to talk about their work and research interests.

Master Classes

One of the most common problems when writing a paper, in addition to writer’s block, is the question, ‘How do I start and complete my project?’ Therefore, the Research Committee is preparing a series of open master classes on research methodology, data collection and analysis, and academic writing.

The Committee for External Communications

What projects have been completed and which ones you can join

The Committee for External Communications, together with representatives of various Russian universities, helped to establish internal processes for student councils of a number of regional universities. The committee members also cooperate with the student organisations of renowned international universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, and the University of Amsterdam.

The Committee helps international students at HSE University, gets them involved in student life and student self-management: 7 out of the 9 members of the International Students' Association Council are from other countries.

In addition, the committee members work on projects related to academic consultants and academic mobility. For example, they helped to return money to students who could not take part in mobility programmes due to the pandemic, and they also helped those who still wanted to take part in the programmes.

Dormitory Committee

Coronavirus and Isolation

Form the moment of its creation, the committee did its best to help students who were returning to their dormitories to get settled in Voronovo where they first had to self-isolate. Later, they helped those who found themselves in a difficult situation due to the measures introduced to fight COVID-19. The committee also cooperates with dormitory student councils by providing them with assistance in communicating with the university administration and helping to solve problems. Over 500 assistance requests have been processed by the committee.

The committee works on creating adaptation guides with key information about the HSE dormitories

The guide, which is currently being designed, will include general information about the seven dorms, such as dorm fees, infrastructure, housing procedures, administration, and more.

Other Forthcoming Projects

Together with the Social Committee, the Dormitory Committee plans to conduct a survey among the residents in order to find out whether there is a need for psychological and counseling services in the dorms, as well as whether the quality of these services that are already provided in select dormitories meet students’ needs.

February 19