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Mandatory Vaccination for HSE University Staff

Questions and answers

© Daniil Prokofyev/ HSE University

Chief state sanitary doctor of Moscow Elena Andreeva signed a decree on mandatory vaccination of employees in certain areas, including education. This means that all HSE University staff who work full-time, as well as independent contractors who work on the university's territory, must get vaccinated against coronavirus infection. An exception is made only for employees who have a medical exemption.

Below, HSE University Life answers frequently asked questions. Stay tuned for updates.

Does this regulation apply to independent contractors?

Yes, the decree also applies to independent contractors, if they do not have a medical exemption.

What should employees who have recently had a coronavirus infection do?

Employees who were diagnosed with COVID-19 in 2021 must provide a medical certificate confirming it.

Does the new requirement apply to teaching assistants?

If students signed Independent Contractor Agreements, they must be vaccinated against coronavirus infection (if they do not have a medical exemption)

Are the employees who work remotely also required to get vaccinated?

The order does not apply to the staff members who are employed on the terms of a remote employment contract that implies work outside the employer's premises.

What are the terms for vaccination?

Employees must receive the first component of the vaccine by July 15, 2021, and the second component by August 15.

Can I get vaccinated at HSE University?

If you wish to get vaccinated, please fill in the online registration form. You can choose between Russian-produced ‘Sputnik V’ and ‘EpiVacKorona’ vaccines. You can also choose the day and time of vaccination and download the necessary documents. The registration slots are constantly updated in the system.

You can get your shot at HSE Pokrovka complex (Rooms М106 and М107) daily, from 10:30 to 18:00 (lunch break from 13:00 to 13:30).

Can I choose a vaccine?

Currently, Sputnik V or EpiVacCorona are available for students and employees.

Can I get KoviVak shots at HSE University?

Unfortunately, this vaccine is still being delivered to a limited number of medical institutions and is not available at the university.

I want to get the first shot now, and the second one later than the recommended 3 weeks because I will be away on vacation. Can I get the second shot at HSE University?

You can get the second shot in the city clinic No. 218 (this particular clinic currently administers vaccinations for HSE employees).

I have a medical exemption. How should I confirm it?

You must have a certificate from an infectious disease doctor or a general practitioner from a state clinic. Submit it to the HSE University Office of Staff and Student Benefits by July 15.

I have already been vaccinated and I have a vaccination certificate. Do I have to submit it?

Yes, fill out the COVID-19 section in your personal account before July 1.

What should employees who have been vaccinated with a foreign vaccine do?

Their vaccination is also valid. They need to fill out the COVID-19 section in their personal account before July 1.

What happens if I refuse to get vaccinated?

Employees who have not been vaccinated before July 15 and who do not have medical exemptions will be suspended from work without pay. Also, starting July 1, HSE will stop hiring new employees if they have not been vaccinated.

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