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How to Get a QR Code after Being Vaccinated or Having COVID-19

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Starting June 28, you will need a special QR code to visit any cafe or restaurant, as well as concerts and other mass events in Moscow. The same rules will apply to restaurants with outdoor seating starting July 12. Please note that paper vaccination certificates as well as certificates about antibodies will not be accepted. Here is how to get the QR code.

Who is eligible to receive a QR code:

  • Those who have received both rounds of any vaccine (or one round of the vaccine that does not require two shots) registered in the Russian Federation;
  • Those who have had COVID-19 in the last 180 days (proven by a positive PCR test at the time of the disease);
  • People with a negative PCR test done in one of the authorised labs (you can find the list here). The QR code will be valid 72 hours since the time of the testing;

Foreign citizens can get a QR code if they have a negative PCR test, have had COVID while in Russia or have been vaccinated in Russia (provided their SNILS - social security number - is in the system)

Children under the age of 18 do not need a QR code if they are accompanied by their parents.

If a person did not consult a doctor while ill or had an asymptomatic case of COVID, they won't be able to get a QR code. Certificates about antibodies are not sufficient grounds for receiving a QR code. In this case it will be necessary to do a PCR test in one of the authorised labs or get vaccinated. 

International students and staff can get vaccinated at HSE University free of charge.

How to get a QR code

If you don't have a Russian medical insurance card (so-called 'OMS', which is not the same as the private health coverage provided through HSE University for international staff members or private medical insurance international students typically have) you can use mos.ru/qr site.

How to get QR code on mos.ru

  1. Go to the link;
  2. Fill in the required fields. You will need to enter a confirmation code that will be sent to your mobile phone.
  3. A QR code will be generated for those who have had a negative PCR test in the last 3 days or have had COVID in the last 180 days or received both rounds of vaccination. If you only had the first shot, you won't be able to get a QR code. 

If you are not registered on mos.ru yet, you will need to create an account there (click Личный кабинет in the upper right-hand corner of the page and follow the instructions). Please note that all fields must be filled in Russian so you might need to ask a Russian-speaking person to help you. It is necessary to visit a local Multifunctional Services Centre (МФЦ) and present your SNILS card there to authenticate your account.

You can present your QR code on your gadget or print it out. The QR code has an expiration date. The QR code will be checked agaisnt your ID when you enter a restaurant or other establishment that requires a code.

What should I do if I can't get a QR code

If a QR code is not found, check that all personal information (name and date of birth) is entered correctly. The name should be spelled the same way it appears on the PCR or vaccination certificate.

If all the fields are filled correctly but you still cannot get a QR code, follow the link and choose the topic «Не найден цифровой сертификат (QR-код)» (QR code not found). Fill in the form, submitting all the requried information. Tech support should check the information and help you get a QR code.

Those who were vaccinated at HSE University during the first vaccination drive (February 2021) can get their QR Code from the Clinic No.5 if the codes are not available online. If you got the shots more recently, during the second vaccination drive, you can get the QR code at the Clinic No. 218.

The number of the clinic is indicated on the vaccination certificate.

More detailed information is available on mos.ru site (in Russian, unfortunately).

Note that you can get vaccinated on campus in Pokrovka. Register here to get your shot in July.

June 26, 2021