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Smart Event Platform Updated

© Daniil Prokofyev/ HSE University

Development of the Smart Event system for organizing and hosting events at HSE University began last year.

In the future, staff and students will be able to use the system to plan events, order event services, issue instructions and create reports.

HSE University Life reports on the system’s current capabilities and what kind of updates users can expect next year.

What Can Smart Event Do Now?

The system has a ‘Hold a Meeting’ feature that allows users to quickly reserve a meeting space with equipment in it. This is currently only available for the university’s buildings on Pokrovsky Bulvar and Myasnitskaya Ulitsa, but will be expanded to other buildings in the near future. The quick search and meeting room booking service is now available at this link.

Instructions for users are available by clicking My Smart Event requests [Мои заявки]. If you encounter any difficulties, please contact the 55555 Hotline support service (dial 55555 if using the internal university network) or email digital@hse.ru.

It will soon be possible to book a meeting space via the HSE App X mobile app. Follow HSE University’s official Telegram channel for updates.

This year, a subsystem was added to Smart Event for the Yasin (April) Conference. It features a new personal account for participants, administrators, and experts that is more convenient and flexible. Numerous processes have been upgraded, including the payment of participation fees and the application process for visa invitations. A number of post-event features were also added: users can now prepare certificates of participation much more quickly.

Smart Event also allows users to ‘Organise an event at the Cultural Centre and the Durasov House.’
To use this service and book a space, please follow this link.

MyHSE Services Accounts now feature a HSE Events button that includes all the necessary tools to organize events, including booking spaces through Smart Event.

New Features Planned for 2022

— Meeting room bookings in all HSE buildings in Moscow and other HSE campuses

— Improvements to the entrance pass system (the launch of SURP 2.0)

— The ability to organize of any kind of event (including those lasting several days)

— Integration with SED [document management system] for creating instructions

— Provision of services: registration of participants, QR entrance passes for guests, publications of announcements, event programmes

The plan also covers the improvement of mobile app functionality.

Plans for the future include integration with financing systems, dedicated event reporting features, analytics, and the ability to create personal accounts for participants.

Leonid Novikov
Director for Digitalization of Administrative and Financial Processes

The goal of the Smart Event project is to create a platform for managing events within HSE University’s digital ecosystem. To do this, it is vital to digitize all of the processes involved in preparing events and summarizing their results.

Another task of ours is to make the system convenient for event participants. An important step in achieving this will be the implementation of a service to register guests and create personal accounts for participants.

We hope that once Smart Event covers all HSE University systems, we will be able to organize and conduct events more quickly and effectively, as well as attract more participants.

The project team includes representatives of the Rector’s Executive Office, the international and student offices, the maintenance unit, the Cultural Centre and the Durasov House. The Analytics Unit makes sure we don’t make mistakes with the parameters of event analytics, and the team from the IT Office does everything possible to make sure that the system works.

December 28, 2021