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HSE Pokrovka Cup Play By Play

The HSE POKROVKA CUP took place in the atrium of the HSE building, Pokrovky Boulevard, on April 22—23

© Daniil Prokofyev/ HSE University

On April 22-23, the HSE Building on Pokrovky Boulevard hosted the HSE POKROVKA CUP, a 3x3 basketball tournament organized by the HSE 3x3 Streetball League, All-Vyshka Media Agency, and the Student Development Office. HSE 3x3 is the only university streetball league in Russia. The championship was held in accordance with FIBA regulations, with eight teams taking part in the event, two from each campus.

In addition to the championship, there was also an open tournament held on April 22nd, with more than 60 people participating in the event, and the next day saw a closed tournament for the top eight teams of the HSE 3x3 league.

Artem Savosin

Captain of Moscow-2, the winning team

For me, the Pokrovka story started a bit earlier than for the other Intercampus participants. I've known one of the organizers (Pavel Ivanov) since I was a child. Two years ago, when we were sitting and dreaming what a tournament could look like, a crazy idea occurred to us: ‘How about organizing a tournament at Pokrovka?’ It seemed like something unbelievable at that time, since we had previously only seen events of that scale on TV. Even now, when the tournament is over, I can’t believe it really happened. This is all thanks to the enormous efforts of a large number of people, to whom I am all very grateful. My team was more than motivated to win.

To say that our expectations were met is to say nothing. When we got to the tournament, we were blown away by how perfectly everything was organized. Our team played against all the other teams, but our main rivals were the team from Perm. Almost all the games were spectacular: we enjoyed two days of high-quality, beautiful basketball. The atmosphere on the court was very friendly, even though many of the teams were meeting each other for the first time.

Pavel Ivanov

HSE 3x3 organizer

The idea for an inter-campus tournament first came to me when I found myself at Pokrovka as a first-year student. I walked into the atrium and thought that this is the place where the competition should be held, but back then, I didn't have enough experience in organising such events. In my second year, I created HSE 3x3, the project we run in order to manage a 3x3 basketball league. That was how we came to organize this tournament, just three years after the idea was born.

You need to be prepared for numerous organizational problems when planning an event of this scale. However, boundless energy and a positive attitude always saves the day. The team around is also vital, as without a reliable team, it's virtually impossible to implement any serious project.

Artem Voronin

Fallen Angels team

I play in 5x5 and 3x3 leagues and I often participate in HSE matches, but this is the first large-scale sporting event held at Pokrovka. It's really very cool, and looks like something you might see in American movies.

On April 22nd, we played in an open tournament. We were supported not only by our classmates but also by the guests of the tournament. It was definitely an interesting experience, as such competitions are usually closed events, but here everything was much more spectacular, loud and interesting.

I liked playing in the Pokrovka atrium. It is quite spacious, so a whole lot of interesting events could take place there. For example, CyberVyshka, where students play virtually in the NBA. I hope that we have started a new trend of holding large-scale events like this inside the university.

Alexander Galkin

Captain of Peter-1

I will remember this tournament as a very well organized event, thanks to Pasha Ivanov and his team. It is great that the players had special sponsorship. We were excited to feel like professionals playing in a FIBA tournament. The court, the stands, and the lighting all helped to create that atmosphere. My team didn’t manage to make it out of the group stage, but that didn't spoil my overall impression of the tournament. There was an atmosphere of mutual respect among the players, and it was cool to become part of a basketball community.

Daniil Morozov

Moscow-2 team

The events of April 22nd and 23rd will live forever in the history of HSE basketball and HSE University. I am so happy I was part of this great event.

It was a true basketball festival! There were lots of games, competitions, and contests—and all this took place in the Pokrovka Atrium. It was just fantastic! I met a lot of students from other campuses and had a chance to talk to them about basketball in their cities. But most of all, I remember the supportive atmosphere of the event: everyone was rooting for us and wanted us to win. It was a real pleasure to play!

Kirill Yemelyanov

Tournament organizer

We had a true two-day basketball festival. It wasn’t easy to organize this kind of sporting event at the Pokrovka campus, but it provided important and valuable event management experience for me. We used to organize and run tournaments independently, but this time HSE University, particularly the Student Development Office, supported us a lot. They were behind us us at every stage, providing help and explanations. Now, I understand that nothing is impossible, and you can organize a tournament of this scale even on a tight schedule. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback: from the people who came to the atrium, from those who watched our games online, and from the Rector, who visited our tournament. However, I still can't really believe we did it.

April 27, 2022