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HSE Community Sums Up the Results of 2022

© Daniil Prokofyev/ HSE University

International activities, research, socially important projects—the HSE News service asked HSE students and staff about their professional achievements in 2022 and expectations in 2023.

Victoria Panova

HSE University Vice Rector

HSE University has once again confirmed its position as one of the most international universities in Russia: in 2022, more than six thousand prospective students from 145 countries submitted applications to HSE. Participants from 108 countries registered for the HSE International Olympiad, and about 700 people were named winners.

We have strengthened our positions in international markets by opening talent centres in Bishkek and Tiraspol, as well as lyceum classes in Tashkent. We are planning to open the Higher School of Economics of Kyrgyzstan in Bishkek.

More than 800 HSE students took part in international exchange programmes, and more than 400 international students came to study here. This year, the university has concluded more than 30 agreements and expanded its partnerships in Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, China, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Thailand, and India.

In 2023, we’ll work on even more ambitious tasks, new directions and large-scale projects with countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. HSE University plans to take part in preparing and providing expert support for the upcoming Russia–Africa summit and Russia's chairmanship in the EAEU bodies in 2023, as well as participate in creating the agenda of the BRICS chairmanship in 2024.

Lilia Ovcharova

HSE University Vice Rector

I will note three events. To sum up the results of the past year, the main expert and analytical result for me was the decision to introduce a universal benefit for children from low-income families in Russia from January 1, 2023. I have been promoting this decision for 20 years and I really feel the contribution of the HSE Institute of Social Policy to its adoption. The cost of this social programme is about 1.6 trillion roubles a year.

Secondly, it was difficult, but we managed to maintain the cluster of research in the field of human capital at the university implemented by the Human Capital Multidisciplinary Research Centre.

The third, if we talk about the world, then at the end of 2022, the population of our planet reached eight billion people. It took 11 years to go from seven billion to eight, while it took more than 120 years to go from one billion to two.

Vladimir Samoylenko

HSE University Vice Rector

I think that the main achievement of 2022 is the launch of the project to improve the quality of life in dormitories implemented with the Rector’s financial support. We managed to repair all the kitchens during the year, replace the furniture and kitchen equipment in dormitory No. 6, which has been operating since 2006.

In addition, modern student coworking facilities have been created in several dormitories, which has significantly improved the living environment of our students.

Irina Makarova

Director of the Centre for Psychological Counselling

It’s a bit strange and difficult to sum up the results of 2022. Looking back, trying to comprehend what happened, it feels like a decade has passed, not just one year; so many different things happened.

The main professional achievement of the year is work, its variety and quantity. It seemed to me that during the pandemic, the need for psychologists increased dramatically and reached its limit, but this year also surprised me.

We experienced the pain of breakups and the magical feeling of discovering a new person in ourselves. During 2022, the number of employees of the Centre for Psychological Counselling first increased, then somehow sharply decreased and increased again. At some point, there were 30 of us including interns, but in the autumn we went to the second round and the cycles repeated.

It is important for me that we have kept the heartfelt atmosphere in the centre, we sincerely care about each other, do not hesitate to confess our love to each other and cry because of our feelings or unbearable parting. And this, perhaps, is the most important and valuable result of 2022.

Elena Odoevskaya

HSE University Vice Rector

I would say that 2022 was a year of rapid response. The variety of new tasks required the university team in general and the digital unit in particular to be able to quickly find solutions to the most extraordinary issues, combining all the knowledge and skills of the team.

An important conclusion of 2022 is the strength and importance of the team and the synergetic effect obtained due to the desire of each member to do their job not just well, but also feeling their involvement in the process.

Next year will require us to focus even more on the tasks of ensuring the sustainability of the university, ensuring its technological independence, protecting our data and maintaining the high quality of educational and scientific activities.

The core of this process is our common understanding of the strategy HSE University and its team chooses. We will work on this together!

Leonid Gokhberg

HSE University First Vice Rector

2022 turned out to be a very productive year for the HSE research unit. The volume of research has significantly increased, new growth points have emerged: I will note, in particular, the Artificial Intelligence Centre and the GeoData Centre at the Faculty of Geography.

The Centre for R&D Commercialisation and Technology Transfer has launched large-scale work to identify and process promising results of intellectual activity and demonstrated its first success in licensing.

Within the framework of strategic projects, we tested new forms of organising comprehensive research, bringing together various HSE departments, and competitions of youth initiatives.

My team at the Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge (where we plan to celebrate its 20th anniversary in the coming weeks), also has a lot of positive news. We launched new topics (scenario forecasts, research into frontiers and prospects for the development of science, monitoring the digital transformation of the economy and society and the development of AI technologies, studying industry markets using our iFORA big data mining system), successfully passed the evaluation procedure of international laboratories and, of course, and welcomed talented young scientists to our team. The Foresight and STI Governance journal also strengthened its positions.

Kaleria Migunova

2nd-year student of the ‘Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication’ bachelor’s programme

This year I reconsidered my values—work, study. I quit working in my major field and chose another one that brings me joy. I also started learning two new languages and did something I had been putting off for a long time: I opened my student organisation, the Scandinavian Club. Together with the team, we talk about Scandinavian culture, hold offline events, and enjoy student life.

Irina Martusevich

HSE University Vice Rector

2022, like the pandemic years, turned out to be difficult. That is why it is so important that we maintained relations with many partners. In some cases, the university managed to find new areas of cooperation, in others—to continue previous successful and promising projects. I sincerely hope that in the coming year, our cooperation will continue and be stable and fruitful.

Galina E. Volodina

Director of HSE University in Perm

The dream of having our own lyceum has come true. The opening of the lyceum is a great opportunity for us to implement all our accumulated experience, to build the learning process according to the high standards of HSE University in close cooperation with our teachers in a single educational space.

We are among the participants of the federal project to create a world-class interuniversity campus. The campus with a tech park, educational and laboratory spaces, a congress hall, sports and fitness infrastructure will become a driver for the development of science and education and create a unique environment for the exchange of experience between specialists in different fields and students.

In 2023, HSE University in Perm celebrates its 25th anniversary. It has been 25 happy years of interesting work for our united team: inspiring partnership, enthusiastic searching, important discoveries, disputes and unanimity, hopes and doubts, overcoming difficulties and celebrating holidays. I am grateful to everyone who believed in our cause and remains faithful to it. We have something to be proud of, and we are ready to move forward together without fear of difficulties or change.

January 13, 2023