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Asia Festival: From Riyadh to Tokyo

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The HSE Korean Club is bringing together the best ideas from student organisations for the Asia Festival, a memorable event which will take place on February 9 from 1 pm to 8:30 pm at the HSE Cultural Centre on Pokrovsky Boulevard.

Guests are sure to enjoy the various workshops, entertaining lectures, cosplay, K-pop random dance, tea ceremonies, expo of national student organisations and foods, pleasant conversations with representatives of many Asian countries, a rousing concert and much more! Don't miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Asian atmosphere!

If you are cosplaying, please fill out this form.

Workshops require registration. Please register for no more than three events.


Small Hall

Lectures (in Russian)

1 pm—Kalmyk Club

Kalmyk Culture

1:40 pm—Kyrgyz Club

Powerpoint party by students about Kyrgyzstan

2:20 pm—E.Khoklova

Joseon Art: the Unity of Humans and Nature

3:50 pm—O.Solodkova

Incredible India: History, Religion, Culture

4:40 pm—Women’s Club

Shèng nǚ Concept in China: Contemporary Public Attitudes to Marriage

5:20 pm—Asian Dialogues

Cultural Roots of Korean Identity

6:00 pm—Jewish Club

Shidduch: Everything about Jewish Matchmaking

Second Floor Lobby

  • Genshin Club
  • Green HSE
  • Indian Corner
  • Vietnamese Club
  • Eastern Asia (by Korean Club)
  • South-Eastern Asia Club ‘East Harbour’

Third Floor Lobby

  • Jewish Club
  • Kalmyk Club
  • Georgian Club
  • Kyrgyz Club
  • Board Game Club
  • Azerbaijanian Club
  • Chamber of Nationalities

Workshops at Lobbies

2 pm—Marina Beloshkap

Chinese Calligraphy Workshop

4 pm—Marina Beloshkap

Korean Calligraphy Workshop

4 pm—A.Senina

Sari and Henna Drawing Workshop


Time: 1:15 pm

Venue: Big Hall

Types of cosplayers we welcome: Everyone!

Dance Hall

3:00 pm—Yoga Club


4:10 pm—Georgian Club

Dance Workshop

5:00 pm—Just Dance

K-pop random dance

Co-working Area

1:00 pm—Tea Club

Chinese Tea Ceremony

2:30 pm

Open Talk

5:00 pm—Indian Club

Indian Chinese Ceremony

Big Hall

  • Concert

6:20 pm—start time

  • Orchestra with anime openings and a surprise
  • Azerbaijanian songs
  • Indonesian folk dance
  • Vietnamese folk dance
  • Kyrgyz folk dance and Komuzchu
  • Indian dance
  • Cover dance by Just Dance

For more information, please visit the event page on VK.

February 03, 2023