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Green HSE Organizes ReClothing Campaign

Student organization Green HSE organizes collection of clothing for recycling and charity. There are special boxes in different HSE buildings, where you can put the clothes you don’t need any more in order to give them a second life.  The campaign will run till December 13.

The collected clothing will be sent to the Charity shop, sorted and reused depending on its condition:

  • clothing in poor condition will be recycled;
  • clothing in good condition will be sent to charity organisations  in regions for people in need and for organizing free stores;
  • clothing in perfect condition will be sold in Charity Shops in Moscow, part of the profit will be sent to maintain the project (rent and salaries for employees), while the majority  will be given to the charity foundation ‘Vtoroye dyhanie’ (second wind).

What can be donated:

  • clothing in poor, good and excellent condition (including sheets, blankets, towels, any fabric items that can’t be considered clothing);
  • shoes, bags, belts and accessories in good and excellent condition only, as they can’t be recycled;
  • books in foreign languages

What shouldn’t be donated:

  • underwear and any items in poor condition smaller than A4;
  • any items in poor condition made of fur or leather, hard hats, pantyhose, stockings, tights, socks, ties, women's scarves;
  • items made of any materials with stains from wine, blood, paint, oil, or of unknown nature or mould.

Clothing collection is organized in eleven HSE buildings:

  • 20 Myasnitskaya ulitsa;
  • 11 Myasnitskaya ulitsa
  • 4 Armyansky Pereulok, building 2 (shelf on the second floor)
  • 4 Maly Gnezdnikovsky Pereulok (hall on the first floor);
  • 3 Bolshoi Tryokhsvyatitelsky Pereulok (first floor, near ATM)
  • 2-8 Khitrovsky pereulok, building 5 (near the cloakroom)
  • 21/4 Staraya Basmannaya ulitsa, building 1(first floor, under the stand ЗВ)
  • 34 Tallinskaya Ulitsa (first floor, near ATM)
  • 26 Shabolovka ulitsa, building 4 (second floor, cafeteria window sill)
  • 12 Malaya Pionerskaya Ulitsa
  • 3 Kochnovsky Proezd.

If it is inconvenient for you to take clothes to HSE, you can put them in one of the many containers of the Charity Shop in the city, or bring them to one of the stores.

December 07, 2017