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Practical Tips
Starting May 12, foreign citizens can only order a digital permit on the https://nedoma.mos.ru/ website. The SMS option is now available for the citizens of Russian Federation only.
May 14
Since March 17, 2020, HSE students and staff have been working and studying remotely. To survive this period with the least losses, and even with some gains, the HSE staff offers several recommendations for organising online delivery of knowledge.
April 29
Two methods from HSE Centre for Psychological Counselling
April 16
Maria Shvets, psychologist of the HSE Psychological Counselling Centre gives some advice on handling relationships and conflicts during self-isolation.
April 14
Dina Zafesova, a psychologist of the Psychological Counselling Centre, talks about why we procrastinate and how to resist the urge to put things off
April 08
Dr. Tim Jäkel, Assistant Professor at the School of Politics and Governance, shares his experience of transitioning to remote work.
April 02
Five questions to discuss with yourself
March 24
And Other Nuances of Online Teaching
March 20
A new app is available that builds navigation routes around the HSE building complex on Pokrovsky Boulevard
January 16
How to book a room for a meeting or an event
November 07, 2019
International students speak about waste sorting in their countries
September 25, 2019
Workshops, experiments and T-shirts with the Crow
August 30, 2019
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