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Additional options for undergraduate study

Our modern, technologically advanced and rapidly changing world require us to constantly upgrade our knowledge; at the same time, expanding access to higher education is increasing competition in the labour market. Today, students who are starting their careers highly value the opportunity to add additional skills to their CVs. The knowledge acquired under the Bachelor+ project will be in demand regardless of the specialization they ultimately choose.

Module system

The Bachelor+ project offers an additional educational service for foreign language study. Each language involves either a two- or four-level programme based on the applicant’s level of language proficiency.


Duration: 72 hours

Cost: 25,200 roubles

Class size: 12-15 people

Classes meet 1-2 times per week, 4 classroom hours

Special conditions*




* For more information, please call + 7 (495) 772-95-90 *22059


Individualized approach to teaching

  • Course programme is optimized for future Bachelor’s level students
  • Opportunity to choose the level of difficulty - from elementary to advanced
  • Schedule takes study load into account
  • Classes take place in the buildings where main courses are taught

The Bachelor+ programme would especially be useful for those who have already studied a foreign language and wish to improve their knowledge. If you plan to start learning any language from scratch, it is important to assess your potential and consider whether you will be able to combine your study load with a new language.

After completing the courses, you will receive your continuing education certificates. Your grades for continuing education programmes can be included in your diploma supplement.




After registration

You will receive the materials (tests) to determine your level of language proficiency at the email address indicated during registration. Please follow the steps below:

Step 1.

Testing is required if you are applying for a non-elementary programme.

Step 2.

Please send the following information to the programme manager:

  • Title of the selected programme/programmes;
  • Results of the test/tests;
  • A scanned copy of the passport.

Step 3.

  • Pay for the programme using HSE Payments or a bank transfer (download the receipt: File (DOC, 93 KB);
  • Within two days of making payment, please send a copy of the document confirming payment to the programme manager.



+7 495 621-11-73; +7 495 628-92-20,

+7 495 772-95-90 *22059, 22054, 22169, 26166

E-mail: clt@hse.ru