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This wonderful brochure is “Pochemuchnik” (from the Russian word  ‘pochemu’ = ‘why’), a guide meant to introduce the first year students to the HSE community and infrastructure and answer the most vital questions that students have at the beginning of their academic journey.

HSE warmly welcomes you and wishes you success on the road to your academic achievements!



All the major info about the study process, classes, grades, timetables, academic calendar, exams, student profile, corporate email, and much more can be found on the HSE Academic Handbook website, in the section For Full-degree Students. Be sure to check such vital topics as assessment of knowledge, degree certificate and reasons for expulsion.


Login: hseguest
Password: hsepassword


Library is the quietest place at HSE. Media library, open access to books, e-library – all resources of information are here to satisfy your needs! Scanning, printing, and copying are also available. Central library is located on 20 Myasnitskaya Ul., K-214. Some faculties also have their own libraries.

Return books in time!  An overdue may cost you up to 50 roubles per day!

Note: you need to leave your bags and coat in the checkroom before entering the library.

Scholarships and Stipends

State-funded international students study at HSE for free through full-tuition stipends. This merit-based stipend completely waives all tuition fees for select full-degree Bachelor's and Master's programmes at HSE. Find out more here: https://www.hse.ru/admissions/financial-aid

If you are not a state-funded student, you may still apply for a range of scholarships listed here: https://www.hse.ru/en/scholarships/. Note that the application process for most of the scholarships is in Russian.


After arrival in Russia, international students MUST take care of these two things:

  • registration
  • visa extension

Do not underestimate their importance! Find out more about them on the website of the HSE Visa & Registration Centre.  

Remember: those who violate the immigration legislation may be fined an amount up to 7,000 roubles and/or deported! Abide the law!  

Visa & Registration Centre contacts:

+ 7 (495) 531 00 63


Myasnitskaya Ul., 20, office 538


If you reside in the dorm there are a few simple rules that will help you:

  • Carefully read and sign the dormitory Internal Rules and the Tenancy Agreement!
  • Pay your rent in time!
  • Dormitory staff barely speaks English so if you need to negotiate with the dormitory admin better do that through a Russian-speaking friend. 

Visit https://www.hse.ru/en/dormitory/ to know dormitory fees and how to pay for your dormitory on-line.

Medical Insurance

When you enter Russia be sure to have a valid medical insurance. You may require medical treatment and doctor’s appointments, tests and diagnostic procedures, even a simple health certificate to be allowed access to a swimming pool – for all that medical insurance is mandatory!

You can also buy medical insurance in Russia. Find out more at https://benefits.hse.ru/en/medstud in Medical Aid and Insurance section.

In case of medical emergency (e.g., acute pain, fever, trauma) immediately call “112” (from a mobile phone) or “103” (from a landline phone). In Russia first aid is free of charge for everyone.

Student cards

Student ID – will be given to you after enrollment by your programme manager.

E-pass – an electronic card you will use to enter the HSE buildings and dorms.

Social card – a plastic card your stipend will be transferred to, which you can also use as a transport card on Moscow public transport.

Find out more at https://istudents.hse.ru/document and ask your study manager to know when you will get the documents.

Russian as a foreign language

All international students can attend classes of Russian as a foreign language at all levels during their studies at HSE for one semester for free. Before the classes, students are required to take an entrance test and get enrolled into courses according to their test results.

Language courses are offered to the whole set of levels - from Beginner to Advanced, along with a wide selection of elective courses.

Find out more at HSE Russian Language Centre website.

Psychological Counseling

Being an international student may not always appear easy. Culture shock, language barriers, new environment, and homesickness can become a problem if you have nobody to talk to. HSE Psychological Counseling Centre is always there to help and guide you through hard times. Individual or group consultations are free and anonymous. Check the Centre’s website for more details.

To keep healthy both mentally and physically join an HSE sport club! Learn about the options on https://istudents.hse.ru/sports and contact Student Initiative Support Centre at studsupport@hse.ru to know more.

Erasmus Student Network (ESN)

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is a non-profit international student organisation. Its mission is to represent international students, thus provide opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development under the principle of Students Helping Students.

It is present in more than 480 Higher Education Institutions from over 40 countries and is constantly developing and expanding.

ESN buddy volunteers offer assistance to all non-Russian-speaking students at HSE! If you need but don’t have one, find out how to do it at http://hsemsk.esnrussia.org/  .

To become a buddy yourself contact esn.hse@gmail.com