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How Can I Access HSE’s Premises?

For the period of their studies, each student gets a plastic HSE pass card that allows entry into all university buildings and dormitories.

If you’ve lost or broken your pass card:

  • come to Shabolovka, Room 4110;
  • show your Student ID;
  • write an application;
  • get a new pass card.

If you forgot your pass card:

  • call your Study Office;
  • say your name and last name, order a temporary pass card;
  • wait for the pass card at the security desk.

What’s Life Like in a HSE Dorm?

Depending on the dormitory building, 2 to 4 people can live in one room. If you have any questions concerning housing and utilities, please contact the dorm administration (director or his/her deputy).

Dormitories can be accessed 24/7 with your pass. Guests without passes are allowed to visit from 8am to 11pm.

Where Can I Get a Social (Transport) Card?

A student social card can be used as a transport card and allow students to take public transport in Moscow (metro, buses, trams, trolleybuses) at a reduced price.

You can apply for a student social card at any of the ‘My Documents’ centres in Moscow. Their list and working hours is available here: https://www.mos.ru/socialnaya-karta/. Your student buddy or your programmes study office will be able to help you if you don’t speak Russian.

To get a card you will need your passport, a student ID, and your photo on a flash drive (you can come without it and have your photo taken at the ‘My Documents’ centre).

You can pick up your social card a month later at the same centre where you applied. Sometimes, this can be done faster.

You can refill your social (transport) card at ticket offices in the Metro and at grey kiosks located at public transport stops. Don’t forget to have your student ID with you, as you may need to show it to refill your account.

Your card will be valid throughout the period of your studies.

Can I Save the Planet at HSE?

There are 26 points of separate waste collection at HSE. There, you can dispose of plastic, paper, old gadgets and batteries.

You can also join the projects curated by Green HSE, a student association that organizes regular separate waste collection days in the city, volunteer clean-ups, and other environmental initiatives. It focuses on issues of collecting waste that is hard to recycle and carries out educational presentations.

By the way, Green HSE is always happy to see new members.


What Scholarships Can I Get?

If you’re studying on a Russian state-financed place, you will receive a state academic scholarship until the completion of your studies.

In addition, you may also receive:

  • an increased state academic scholarship, if you have demonstrated outstanding achievements in studies, research, public works, sports, cultural or creative endeavors;
  • scholarships named after outstanding HSE scholars, if, in addition to excellent academic progress, you plan to be seriously involved in research activities;
  • the HSE Silver Nestling scholarship, if lecturers, classmates and staff give a high marks to your various activities (in research or public work).

The size of a state scholarship comes to 1,636 roubles a month. The monthly increased state scholarship for achievements in studies and research can reach up to 30,000 roubles. So, always try get excellent grades!

If you have any questions about scholarships, please contact the Centre for Scholarships and Charitable Programmes at the webpage.

Where Can I Receive a Scholarship?

HSE students can get their scholarships transferred to their VTB bank card, which also features a unique design, developed and chosen by our students. The author of the winning design was Stanislav Shevchenko, student of the HSE Art and Design School, whose project won with 57% of votes. So, now, the Crow, HSE’s mascot, will be also looking at you from your card. Learn more about how to get it at: https://www.hse.ru/en/scholarships/faq/.

Where Can I Go if I Get Sick?

You can obtain an obligatory medical insurance (OMI) certificate and register at any local public polyclinic. If you live in a dorm, when you go to the polyclinic, take a copy of your passport, your OMI certificate, and registration card.

Find your local polyclinic here.

If you have psychological/emotional problems, contact the HSE Centre for Psychological Counseling. The Centre has highly qualified therapists who can help solve your personal issues at individual or group consultations. The consultations are anonymous and free.

How Can I Take Part in the Administration of HSE?

HSE students not only attend classes, write essays and participate in academic conferences. They also take part in all spheres of the university’s life. They also evaluate their teachers and the quality of courses, suggest changes and take part in important decisions. There are several procedures in place to facilitate this.

HSE Student Council

The Student Council is HSE’s main student self-governance body, which deals with issues related to scholarships and accommodation at dorms. It also reviews course syllabi, and helps student associations in their activities and organizing.

All sessions, lectures, meetings and roundtable discussions organized by the Student Council are open. At any time of the year, you may take part in one of the Council’s committees, and at the end of autumn, you can participate in its elections.


Feedback Button

You can find the Feedback Button on the right menu of the University Life section at hse.ru website. Press this button to inform the HSE administration about any events and situations concerning studies or other processes that made you sad, angry, happy, or stirred up other emotions. You can send the feedback on your own behalf, or on the behalf of your class. You can also submit feedback anonymously.


Teaching Quality Assessment

At HSE, not only teachers assess students, but students also evaluate teachers. With the completion of each course, students must complete a special form, where they assess the quality of the teaching & learning aids, as well as teachers’ work. This helps HSE maintain its high quality of teaching for each course and rely on students’ opinions in regards to HR decisions.