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HSE has over 100 student associations, multitudes of events, and student self-government. The university’s student life is almost indescribable: it’s very dynamic, varied, and unique for every student. The only way to understand it is to take part. You can learn more about all student associations and the brightest events of student life here at studlife.hse.ru or in this group https://vk.com/studlife_hse.

Music and Dance

HSE Force Majeure Choir

The HSE Force Majeure Choir celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2016. It regularly participates in HSE’s major events, as well as national and international festivals, where they often receive awards and diplomas. The choir performs both classics and contemporary music. Participants learn voice training, scenic movement, acting skills, body percussion techniques, and play various musical instruments, such as the ukulele.

Body percussion is producing music rhythms with your own body: snapping fingers, stomping, tongue-clicking, clapping hands, etc.

HSE Orchestra

HSE its own orchestra, which has become an integral part of our major events. Both students and staff play there, and they are always happy to welcome new talents. So, if you play a musical instrument, we welcome you to give it a try.

HSE Voice

This is HSE’s musical talent show. If you have outstanding vocal skills and want to be heard across HSE, come to the HSE Voice open auditions.

High School Radio

Even if you don’t play a musical instrument, you can make use of your love of music by joining the High School Radio team. They are the first to speak about the best albums of the week; they put together stylistic collections, and create playlists that can sound good to anyone at HSE.


NoSilence is a record label. Its team consists of talented performers, musicians and organizers from all HSE faculties. They organize ICE, ICEFIRE and FIRE events, as well as take part in the biggest HSE projects. They play on independent platforms, and the music is created by the label’s own artists. They enroll new participants every autumn and spring, so don’t miss the selection process.

Contemporary dance HSE

You can dance and improve your body at classes held by Contemporary Dance HSE. Here, you’ll learn contemporary dance techniques and might even reach a new professional level in the art of dance.


The university has its own Cheerleading Team, which performs in the Cheer Dance Freestyle category. The coach is Inna Bogatyreva, a master of rhythmic gymnastics. The team is girls-only.

Professors’ Wednesdays

You already know about the Orchestra, so don’t miss the HSE celebrations, where it will most probably be playing. In addition, HSE Professors’ Club conducts weekly music nights called Professors’ Wednesdays, which feature the best Russian academic musicians playing in various styles, from jazz to guitar poetry. Everyone is welcome to attend the concerts for free, so don’t forget to come and bring your mom or grandma.

Theatre and Cinema

Le Défi (The Challenge), a Russian-French theatre association, stages performances in Russian and French. Le Défi actors perform throughout Moscow, and the theatre has also presented its plays in French at European festivals. Since 2015, it has been making audio recordings of its performances, available in their VK group with the #audioledefi hashtag.

There are several cinema clubs at HSE, where anyone interested can attend. You can invite your friends to discuss contemporary cinema, attend lectures on the paradoxes of mass culture, and participate in roundtable discussions. HSE currently has the following cinema clubs: ThisWeekWeWatch, White Noise, Who Killed Laura Palmer for fans of TV series, as well as the OPIA and RUSSIAN Mostly clubs for fans of documentaries.

Travel and Tourism

The I Like Trip club helps organize ready-made trips for students: they can look for a roommate, come up with an idea, and arrange accommodation. Various formats are offered, such as camping, car trips, music festivals, surfing, skiing, and many others. The club also organizes one-day trips on bikes or yachts, as well as paintball games, international student meetings, entertainment events, and the HSE travel festival I Like Trip.

The HSE Tourist Club is a place for those who love active leisure and travelling. The club organizes summer and winter backpacking trips, conducts lectures and master classes, where experienced members share the secrets of backpacking life, provide instruction on how to follow maps and administer first aid.

The Extreme Sports Club organizes active leisure activities: from traditional student backpacking trips, to the most extreme expeditions and competitions. At the club, anyone can find something to their taste: mountaineering, aggressive skating, mountain bike, snowboarding, alpine skiing, kayaking, rafting, diving, parkour, climbing wall, carting, paintball, speleology, as well as hiking and boating. The club organizes regular tourist rallies, where they exchange impressions and plans. Any HSE student can join the club at any time.

International HSE students can also participate in the club’s activities. The club has arranged tourist rallies, and even helped two girls from France to climb Mount Elbrus once.


Football continues to gain popularity at HSE: we already have around 850 players, over 40 teams, 4 leagues, a round-the-year schedule and many tournaments. You can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of football right from the first days of September.

15 was the number of university teams outplayed by Mighty, an HSE team, at the Alfa Student Cup this past summer

The Ultimate Club, an ultimate Frisbee club, has taken the best from basketball and American football, and successfully combines these techniques in a flying disk game. The game develops dexterity, speed, and endurance, as well as gives you an opportunity to defend HSE’s honour at national competitions.

The HSE Student Rugby Team will be happy to welcome you if you’re willing to master the favorite sport of the British Royal Family. It’s a tough game, but the most gentlemanlike in the world.

HSE’s Hockey Team ‘Black Crows’ is looking for new players to attend its training sessions (and games). So, if ice is your element, please contact them as soon as possible.

If you’re interested in staying healthy and not spending lots of money on a gym, you are welcome to join open events held by the WorkOut project at HSE. There, you’ll learn how to avoid boring exercises, master freestyle training, and make workouts not only useful, but interesting.

VeloVyshka is a cycling community at HSE. We organize the most vivid event organized by HSE students and its alumni - VeloVyshka.Night. We put together a beautiful route so you can see Moscow from different sides (not to mention that Moscow is terrific to see at night). During the stops at night, you can enjoy games, dances, meeting new people and many other things! VeloVyshka.Night is organized every September and May-June. Also, we go on day trips to the nearest cities around Moscow.

500 is the approximate number of kilometers ridden by the participants of 11 VeloVyshka Nights (enough to get you from Moscow to our campus in Nizhny Novgorod).

Visit sport.hse.ru to learn more and get updates about all sports activities at HSE.

Broaden Your Horizons

At the HSE Go Club, you’ll learn to play one of the oldest board games. In addition to playing the game, Go Club members attend lectures, drink tea, and exercise their philosophical abilities, which is essential for mastering this Eastern game of the mind.

The HSE VR-club is a place that blurs the boundaries between real and virtual worlds. It organizes lectures and master classes with VR professionals, as well as engages in some thrilling VR and AR projects.

Student Media at HSE

The Vyshka

You’ve probably already heard about Russia’s biggest student media outlet and have already subscribed to its group. If not, you should! The Vyshka writes about HSE’s most topical news, events, and activities; it answers students’ questions and tells their stories.

40 000+ people have already subscribed to The Vyshka group on VK.


HSP, previously known as the HSE Press, is the oldest student media group at the university. It provides updates on the university life and people. The issues include reporting, announcements, as well as film and book reviews.

THE WALL Magazine

THE WALL Magazine is HSE’s business media outlet, which provides analysis on relevant issues in law, economics, politics, sociology, and psychology.


This university-wide journal with a special interest in philosophy was founded by students of the Faculty of Humanities as a platform for talks on the pressing topics of student life and HSE’s role in the contemporary world. If you like writing serious long works and speculating on relevant issues, DOXA will be home for you. OPEN TO INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS.

Student Events: Discover, Participate, Organize

Iron Egg Award

This event, with its quite unusual name, is held at HSE annually. The awards ceremony is a spectacular show, with music, dance, comedy and lots of other types of entertainment.

Spring Ball

Every spring, enthusiastic students from the HSE Faculty of Economic Sciences invite university and lyceum learners to a costume ball. Ladies in plumage dresses and gentlemen in tail coats take dance classes right at the ball, and learning the basics of the mazurka and waltzes.

136 couples danced at the last year’s Faculty of Economics Sciences Ball.


The HSE RUN is a quest across Moscow with questions about the city’s history and culture. Over the four hours, the participants have to solve 25 puzzles, and each of the solutions leads them to another place in the city. Those who find the correct answers faster than others and manage to visit all of the places coded in the puzzles, win. But it’s not as easy as it seems: throughout the history of the HSE RUN, only a few teams managed to solve all the 25 puzzles.

876 runners from HSE participated in the latest quest in April (which is more than in many of HSE’s programmes).


Career fairs, negotiation and management skills workshops, anti-lectures, and intellectual games: these and many other activities have become part of the annual festival organized by the HSE Faculty of Economic Sciences on Shabolovka.

HSE Tourist Rally

The Tourist Rally welcomes students (and their parents), doctoral students, graduates, as well as lecturers of HSE and other universities. Under supervision of the Extreme Sports Club instructors, they learn to put up tents, survive in the wild, and understand the importance of mutual help and support. The programme includes orienteering competitions, quest games, relay runs, leisure, and, of course, friendly talks and songs near the campfire.


MuzVyshka is Moscow’s main open-air student festival. Guests are treated to an interactive programme, art exhibits and photo booths, gifts from partners and sponsors, and, most importantly, good music by young bands, as well as, of course, an incredible performance by the headliner! We are already looking forward to what comes next!

Where Can I Go if I Want to Help Organize an Event?

Ingrup StS

Since 1998, most of HSE’s major student events have been organized by Ingrup StS. The most active students make our extracurricular life brighter, as well as devise and carry out projects that have become favorites among the HSE community.

MuzVyshka, a main open-air music festival, HSE RUN, a city culture and history quest game, the NOCH big festival, Iron Egg, the student award, and many other projects - all of these events are examples of the work that StS is doing.

Ingrup StS is an open student organization. You can get in contact by sending them a private message.

Can I Start My Own Association and Get Support from HSE?

Of course you can! If you’ve looked at the list of all HSE student associations but haven’t found something related to your hobbies and interests, this may be a good reason to start your own great association.

The Student Initiative Support Centre helps bring to life any interesting idea that might be useful for the university or the city, in regards to social, development, creative, innovation or any other topic, while the students working taking part can get experience in production and management.

The Centre doesn’t create student projects and associations, but can provide financial, administrative and informational support. Here are just some of the ways to get support for your non-profit project:

  • Student Initiative Contest. Several times a year, HSE holds a student initiative contest, where you can win up to 200,000 roubles. For more information, please visit https://studsupport.hse.ru/en/contest/.
  • Basic funding for student associations. If you create your own student association, you can rely on guaranteed annual support. For more information on how to do it, please visit https://studsupport.hse.ru/reg_studorg.
  • HSEcoin is a new HSE crowdfunding platform, which can help you raise money for your project: https://vishcoin.hse.ru/en/


700 student projects have taken part in the student initiative support contest.

What is HSEcoin and Why Should I Use it?

Starting from September 2018, a new instrument for student project support, HSEcoin, will be launched at HSE. Now, you, HSE students, rather than the university administration, can make decisions on how student initiatives are funded.

On September 13, which is HSE Day, you’ll become the happy owners of HSEcoins. They will be available in the HSEcoin section on the HSE Family website. And on HSE Day, you’ll be able to walk along the Studlife Alley, HSE Land, and Freshman’s Quest, and give support to those initiatives you like with HSEcoins.

More information on HSEcoin is available here: https://vishcoin.hse.ru/en/

What else, in addition HSEcoins, does HSE Family have to offer?

  • you can find all HSE students here;
  • you can learn about events at university;
  • you can find information about all student association or register your own one;
  • you can participate in the student initiative contest.

In addition, make sure you subscribe to STUDLIFE HSE and be the first to learn about all events at our university: