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HSE is a truly global university. Students from lots of different countries study here; renowned international academics teach here; it organizes international conferences and has established student exchanges with academic institutions across the globe.

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How Can I Take Part in an Exchange Programme?

HSE is part of the global academic community and appears on the world’s leading rankings of academic institutions. People from all over the world come to study and work at HSE. HSE has student exchange agreements with various international universities. Students can go there for 3 to 10 months to study for free and take courses in their curriculum, as well as make new friends and get new impressions. By the way, the grades you get at an exchange university will be accompanied by the institution’s name in your academic transcript.

In order to go on an exchange programme abroad, your must apply for a competition. You can also try to get an Erasmus+ scholarship or an HSE grant for studies at our partner universities.


Where Can I Learn a Foreign Language at HSE?

You already know about the HSE+ project that can help you improve your German, Italian, French, Spanish and Chinese (see ‘How Can I Get or Level up Additional Skills?’). But the university also has many student associations devoted to the study of languages.

At gut geD-A-CНt, a German language fan club, students learn German as part of friendly conversations on professional topics. They also organize cultural projects, organize conferences, games, and even a Viennese Ball.

At the English Speaking Club HSE, you will get a chance to learn the language fast. During classes, participants get to meet a lot of conversation partners and learn to talk on a wide variety of topics. They also play Mafia, as well as watch and discuss films in English.

36 is the total number of discussions the club held during the last academic year. Still not sure you can level up your conversational English here?

The HSE Latin American Club introduces the participants to the region’s culture at meetings, workshops, discussions and student conferences, where you can practice your Spanish and Portuguese.

The French Language and Culture Club at the HSE Department of French Language brings together all speakers and lovers of the French language, as well as those interested in the history and culture of France and other French-speaking countries. It organizes the academic conference in French ‘France and the French-speaking World Today’ and a French language competition ‘La douce France’, as well as linguistic workshops and other events. The club’s members participate in performances of the Le Défi theatre in French.

12 is the number of conferences on the French-speaking world that have taken place at HSE, and each time, they get bigger and bigger.

There is a Russian-Chinese Conversation Club at HSE. Here, students discuss the most pressing issues of politics and economics of China, learn the language, and get to know more about the Chinese culture.

Hey!Say!, a Russian-Japanese conversation club, offers informal discussions in Japanese for anyone interested. It also invites native Japanese-speaking students to its meetings and events.

#poboltaem? is a speaking ‘anti-club’, where we invite you not only to speak on different topics in foreign languages, but also communicate with new people, play games and solve puzzles in attempt to find the truth.
We are also going to hold several Russian-language events to help you learn about our culture and practice your language skills.

Don't hesitate to contact Kristina Suzimova on Facebook for more information

Can I Get to Learn About Other Cultures at HSE?

HSE is truly a university where various cultures meet, since almost 3,000 students from over 20 countries study here. International students can create their clubs at HSE, not only to stay in touch with each other, but also to tell their peers about their languages and cultures.

On the HSE Family page, you can view the list of all national clubs at HSE: http://family.hse.ru/stud/tag/the-whole-world-at-hse

The Chamber of Nationalities brings together students from all over the world. It organizes roundtable discussions, charity rallies and sports events where you can get to find out about the cultures of others. Here you can, for example, learn to speak Moldovan or dance the ‘Lezghinka’.

Dialog+, an association of Russian and German economists, has been developing and promoting Russian-German relations since 1998. It organizes meetings with academic and business representatives from both countries, as well as student trips to Germany. It also introduces students to the economies of both countries and helps to improve their German language skills.

The World Kitchen cooking show is an HSE guide to the world of national cuisines and traditions. Every month, HSE students of different backgrounds come to anchor Mira Kuderinskaya’s cozy kitchen. They talk about their national cultures, cook their favorite meals, and don’t forget to joke.