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Institute of Russia’s Regional History

Laboratory Head – Ekaterina Boltunova

Manager – Natalia Beresneva

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Book chapter
«Здесь целая губерния в лице ее избранных…»: социальные иерархии в региональных шествиях Печального кортежа Александра I (1826)

Болтунова Е. М.

В кн.: Регионы Российской империи: идентичность, репрезентация, (на)значение. М.: Новое литературное обозрение, 2021. Гл. 5. С. 93-116.

Жандармский штаб-офицер и губернская администрация: К.Я. Флиге в 1830—1840-е гг.

Бибиков Г. Н.

Российская история. 2021. № 2. С. 86-104.

The Lab 'Russia’s Regions in Historical Perspective' aims to provide a comprehensive look at the social and political development of regions within Russia from the 18th to late 20th century. The research team examines a range of issues, including the existing geographic positioning, the rise and transformation of imperial/Soviet/Post-Soviet historical and geographical entities, cross-border developments and exchanges, land cultivation, social engineering, regional administrative practices and the creation and growth of human capital. Also covered is the rise of regional identities, mental maps, local presentation models and the fashioning of polycentrism. An important objective is found in the development of an analytical language to describe the regional situation in Russia from 18th to late 20th century – a language which can help solve crucial methodological issues in the discipline of historical regional studies in Russia.

The project is supported by The Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation.



A new article "The State Church Policy of the Russian Empire in Alaska" by the Institute Research Fellow Yulia Egorova was published in the 3rd issue of the journal "Quaestio Rossica" in 2023.
September 26
A new article "The USSR as a “Great Power”: Imperial Narratives and the State’s Status, 1920–1935" by the Institute Research Assistant Maria Ivanova was published in the 3rd issue of the journal "Quaestio Rossica" in 2023.
September 19
A new article "Feeling the Revolution: The Emotional Regime of Russian Empire’s Penitentiaries in the Development of Protest Communication" by the Institute Research Fellow Anton Laptev was published in the 1st issue of the journal "Quaestio Rossica" in 2023.
May 04
A new article "From 'Sovereign’s Strangers' to 'Our Savages': Otherness of Siberian Indigenous Peoples in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Russia" by the Leading Research Fellow Yuri Akimov was published in the book "Images of Otherness in Russia, 1547-1917" (Boston : Academic Studies Press, 2023).
April 11
On April 9, 2023, Ekaterina Boltunova, Head of the Laboratory presented a paper “ ‘Consider Me a Member of Society’: Voluntary Societies for Heritage Protection in the USSR and Reflections on the Historical Past from the 1960s to the 1980s” at the 29th International Coference "Bath Readings".
April 10
A new article "'Conservative' voting in Russia: the religiosity and the political choice of orthodox believers" by Laboratory Research Assistant Yulia Karpich was published in the journal "East European Politics" for 2023 (February).
March 10
A new article “A Regional History of Russia: The Research Field and Archival Practices (1990s — early 2020s)” by the Laboratory Head Ekaterina Boltunova was published in the sixth issue of the journal "Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie" for 2022.
February 09
A new book "Territory and history: late Soviet projects of «Hero Cities» and the «Golden Ring»" by the Head of the Laboratory Ekaterina Boltunova and Research Fellow Galina Egorova was published in December 2022 (Publishing House "Kuchkovo Pole").
December 26, 2022
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