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Scholarships named after famous and outstanding scholars

HSE University scholarships are named after famous and outstanding scholars
Short Description
These scholarships have been established to preserve the memory of outstanding academics and scientists, including those, who worked at HSE University, as well as support the research work of the University’s learners and doctoral students
Monthly Amount
The total amount is set annually by HSE University’s Rector (usually the amount is 20,000 roubles or above per month)
Number of Scholarships
The number of scholarships is set annually by the HSE University Rector
Bachelor's/Specialist 3rd and 4th-year students, masters and doctoral students (state-funded and fee-paying places)
Selection Criteria
Research activity in a particular field (please refer to the list below), which was studied by an outstanding scholar, whose name is bestowed upon a respective scholarship
Award Time
In November, following a decision of the HSE Academic Council
Payment Period
The 10 months starting from the beginning of an academic year
Application Procedure
Candidates for scholarships are approved by HSE Academic Council. Scholarships are awarded as per the order of the HSE University Rector, following the recommendation of the academic councils of the University’s structural divisions and the HSE Academic Council’s own decision
Grounds for Early Scholarship Termination
Student expulsion, changing one’s subject of research, violation of the University’s Internal Regulations and Internal Dormitory Regulations, or exceptional leave of absence
Additional Information (documents and regulations)
Awarding procedure and payments of HSE University scholarships named in honor of outstanding scholars   

Scholarship recipients must submit an annual report on their research activities by March 31 and October 1, respectively.
ScholarResearch Fields
Evgeny ArmenskyMathematical modeling of physical processes. Development of equipment management systems
Vladimir Arnold Dynamical systems theory. Topology. Singularity theory. Symplectic and algebraic geometry. Mathematical physics. Number theory. Geometric analysis. Combinatorics
Leonid VasilyevWorld history
Aleksandr VysokovskyUrban development. Urban planning. Urban research. Urban regulation 
Vladimir GerchikovTheory and practice of HR management. Work motivation and stimulation. Corporate management and interaction between company divisions
Aleksandr GranbergSpatial economics. Regional economic models. State regional economic policy. Interregional economic cooperation
Eduard Dneprov History of education. Educational policy analysis
Emil ErshovInter-industry modelling. Creating and using of static and dynamic models of inter-industry balance sheets (input-output tables). Development and practical application of the methodology of macroeconomic and industry forecasting. Development of new and improvement of existing methods and methodologies of econometrics. Adaptation of national statistics to work in market economy. Index theory. International comparisons in mathematics 

Alfred Zhalinsky

Theoretical problems of criminal law. Criminology
Tatyana ZaslavskayaEconomic sociology. Social economics
Vladimir ZinchenkoDevelopmental psychology. Experimental cognitive psychology. Engineering psychology and ergonomics

Alexey Zykin

Number theory. Algebraic geometry. Asymptotic method
Aleksandr KryshtanovskyQuantitative methods for analyzing sociological data. Methods of sample research in sociology (sampling methods, problems of sample weighting)

Vladimir Matveenko

Economic growth research. Macroeconomics. Labor economics. Game theory. Contract theory. Network theory. Dynamics of the Russian economy
Andrey Poletaev Long-term and cyclical processes in the world economy. Theory of history and sociology of knowledge about the past. Classical heritage in the social sciences. Comparative sociology of science

Boris Rudnik

Budget relations and cultural economics

Elena Solovova

Testology and language testing

Аlexander Tikhonov

Materials and technologies of electronic equipment. Information and telecommunication systems and technologies. Applied mathematics and computer modeling

Igor Faminsky

The world economy: dynamics and structure of production, global commodity markets. The world economy and economic relations with Russia

·      Teodor Shanin

Research in the field of peasant studies and historical sociology
Ovsey ShkaratanResearch on social and economic inequalities and social structure
Vladimir YadovSociology of personality. Sociology of labor. Sociology of science. Social identity and solidarity 


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