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Conferences 2016

International Conference 'Anosov Systems and Modern Dynamics' dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Dmitry Anosov

December 19–23, 2016

The conference is dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Dmitry Anosov (1936–2014). It is focused on areas where D.V. Anosov worked — and first of all, on hyperbolic dynamics, for which he was one of the founding fathers.

Conference 'Cultural Sociology and Education: Meanings, Choices and Trajectories'

December 1–2, 2016

The conference aims to focus on the ways one could apply cultural sociological resources to the analysis of educational issues. Its main focus is educational and career choice, decision-making in building life trajectories, and more.

International Conference 'Valency and Valency Change in the Caucasus'

November 28–30, 2016

The topics covered by the conference include argument structure, verbal valency classes and voice and voice-like derivations, including passive, antipassive, anticausative, biabsolutive (binominative) and involuntary agent constructions, etc.

International Conference 'Law in Digital Environment'

October 24 –25 , 2016

The post-industrial formation of an information society gives rise to the question of how law will develop further in changed conditions. New concepts are forming, and new areas of law are emerging. The issue of information rights has now become front and center. These problems require comprehensive analysis and the development of an integrated approach. The conference aims to summarize current practice, identify the most problematic areas, and create proposals for further legislative development. 

International Conference 'Valency and Valency Change in the Caucasus'

The topics covered by the conference include argument structure, verbal valency classes and voice and voice-like derivations, including passive, antipassive, anticausative, biabsolutive (binominative) and involuntary agent constructions, etc.

VII International Conference 'University between Global Challenges and Local Commitments'

October 20 –22 , 2016

Researchers and educators interested in the higher education development gather annually at the Conference in order to discuss challenges and goals facing universities and their stakeholders (students, faculty, administrators, graduates etc.). 

 6th Annual International Academic Conference Foresight and STI Policy

October 19 –20 , 2016

Conference participants will discuss issues related to forming national S&T foresight systems, developing foresights for separate sectors of the economy, and creating new tools for science and technology policy.

6th CInSt International Workshop 'Banking in Emerging Markets: Challenges and Opportunities'

October 7, 2016

The workshop is aimed at bringing together scholars involved with various aspects of banking in emerging markets, including but not limited to those of Central and Eastern Europe, CIS countries, Latin America and China. The organizing committee welcomes submissions of both empirical and theoretical research papers on the current issues concerning banking in these markets. 

International Conference ‘Development of Russian Law-IX: Russian Law and Globalization’

October 67, 2016

This annual event is devoted to discussions of the new and important topics within the field of Russian law and legal studies. This year’s focus is on globalisation and development of Russian law in the context of the globalised challenges and perspectives.

International Scientific and Practical Conference 'BRICS Water Forum'

September 29–30, 2016

The aim of the International scientific and practical conference “BRICS Water Forum” is to discuss the sustainable water resources use and related advanced solutions. 

Third Сonference Communication, Computation, and Cognitive Processes

September 28–29, 2016

The conference features talks, poster presentations, lab demonstrations, and round tables focused around the research agenda of the Centre for Cognition & Decision Making individual groups and the research progress of the Centre as a whole. 

International conference on 'Applied Research in Economics 2016'

September 2627, 2016

The conference focuses on research with applications to and implications for real-life problems. Hence the conference acronym reflects its motto — iCare = I care.

Interdisciplinary Conference & School 'Information Technology and Systems'

September 25–30, 2016

The 40th interdisciplinary School-Conference “Information Technologies and Systems” is dedicated to the most significant challenges in the area of information technologies development. These challenges are divided into 4 platforms: data science; future Internet; mathematics and physics; bioinformatics.

7th Annual Conference on Methods in Social Sciences 'Sociological Research Methods: Tradition and Innovation'

September 23  24, 2016

Conference topics: measurement problems and the application of math models in thesocial sciences; data mining in the social sciences; strategies for combining various methods(mix methods) in sociological research; digital research and "mobile methods"; applied methods of media analysis; analysis of unstructured information in social networks; validation procedures for qualitative data; action research in sociology; innovations in marketing research: the impact of technology on the methods for studying of consumer behavior; gamification in marketing; methodical innovations andexperiments; special section "methodical startups" will be organized for young researcher.

III International Conference 'Modern Econometric Tools and Applications – META2016'

September 22– 24, 2016

The Conference will be devoted to application of the modern econometric tools in applied research and its theoretical aspects. The activities of the Conference will be divided into sessions.

12th Interdisciplinary Workshop on Intangibles, Intellectual Capital and Extra-Financial Information

September 22– 23, 2016

This event will represent a new step in the EIASM long standing tradition of creating a forum for academic exchange of theoretical and empirical qualitative or quantitative research in the area of intellectual capital (IC).

International Conference 'Trajectories and Educational Choice'

September 16, Moscow

The conference is aimed at collaboration of scholars with research interests in education, labour market, life course studies. 

WAPOR Regional Conference 'Survey Research and the Study of Social and Cultual Change'

September 1517, 2016, Moscow

WAPOR welcomes abstracts and panel proposals related to the conference theme, including but not restricted to the following topics: social change and genetic diversity; subjective well-being and happiness; social capital and corruption; nationalism, ethnicity and migration; political participation and electoral behavior; cross-cultural concerns in data collection and data analysis; history of opinion polls; questionnaire design and sampling; innovations in data collection; mixed-mode surveys; social media, Internet and Big Data.

International Conference 'Supercomputer Simulations in Science and Engineering'

September 6  10,  2016, Moscow

The main goals of the conference is in the exchange ideas in development of methods and algorithms which take into account trends in the hardware development, and which may help to intensify research, and in the presentations of the results of supercomputing simulations in science and engineering. 

International Conference on Concept Lattices and Their Applications

July 18–22, 2016, Moscow

CLA is an international conference dedicated to Formal Concept Analysis (FCA) and areas closely related to FCA such as data mining, information retrieval, knowledge management, data and knowledge engineering, logic, algebra and lattice theory. CLA provides a forum for researchers, practitioners, and students.

International conference 'Industrial Organization and Spatial Economics'

June 27–28, 2016, Saint Petersburg

Researchers interested in the following fields are encouraged to apply: industrial organization; spatial economics; imperfect competition; international trade; urban economics; new economic geography.

5th ICSID Conference 2016 'Political Economy of Inequality'

June 21–22, 2016, Moscow

The major goal of the event is to bring together Russian and foreign scientists in the fields of political economy, political science, economic and institutional development and stimulate the exchange of research results, ideas and knowledge. 

International Conference 'New Trends in Regulation of Banking and Financial Markets in the EU and Russia'

June 17, 2016, Moscow

The following questions will be discussed during the conference: rules on protection of banking retail clients; the bankruptcy of individuals - the experience of Russia, France and Luxembourg; the new regime of securitisation in the EU, Lexembourg and Russia; hot Issues in International Tax Law; stability of the banking system. 

9th Conference on Model-based Evidence on Innovation and Development

June 16–17, 2016, Moscow

The conference will gather researchers from around the world to discuss various aspects of innovation and its relation to economic development. 

III International Research Conference of International Laboratory of Socio-Cultural Research 'Culture in society, between groups and across generations'

May 30–June 1, 2016

The conference covers the following topics: value transmission; intercultural relations; social capital and economic attitudes; psychology of poverty.

International Conference 'Modern Problems of Stochastic Analysis and Statistics'

May 29–June 2, 2016

The conference consists of 6 sessions: the parametrix method; modern methods of semiparametric and nonparametric inference; discretization of stochastic differential equations; diffusion processes; limit theorems for transition densities of Markov processes; fractional calculus and random flights.

International Scientific Conference ‘Stalinism and War’

May 24–26, 2016, Moscow

This conference seeks to gain new understandings of Stalinism—seen both as a system of rule and an extended era of Soviet history—by interrogating its relationship to war. War signifies both military struggle and militarization, closely tied to political, ideological, and economic phenomena. But also wars and their consequences formed a crucible for the creation and transformation of the Soviet system and Stalinism. We intend to examine this interrelationship by focusing above all on the period of World War II.

3rd Annual Conference 'Education and Global Cities: Horizons for Contemporary University'

May 19–21, 2016, Saint Petersburg

Conference focuses on the challenges and opportunities for a research university in the 21st century, the search for the efficient development strategy, considering the existence of multiple missions, which include not only traditional educational and research functions, but also a wide circle of the social tasks and the need to participate more actively in the territorial and urban development, including the establishment of collaboration within the “knowledge triangle”, development of the innovative entrepreneurship, efficient cooperation with businesses and potential employers, taking into account the demands of the labor market and so on.

7th International Academic Conference for Students and Graduate Students ‘Statistical Methods for Analysis of the Economy and Society’

May 1720, 2016, Moscow

Papers and presentations are invited on the following topics: Theory and methodology of applied statistics and econometrics; Application of Statistics and Econometrics in economics, political and social sciences, demography and population statistics, and management; Statistical modeling and actuarial calculations.

XII International Siberian Conference on Control and Communications

May 1214, 2016

The 12th Siberian conference SIBCON–2016 aims to offer opportunities to learn and to share information on the latest advances in communications and control systems.

International Conference 'Challenges of Participatory Culture: Methodologies and Perspectives of Research'

May 12–13, 2016, Moscow

Among the questions and issues that can be discussed at the conference there are methodological and ethical problems of doing research in fan communities; reception studies and audience studies and their relations to participatory cultures; history of participatory cultures, the issues of their archives and alternative temporalities; types of communities, their structures and relations to other cultural zones, institutions and powers, from cultural industries to outside audiences and many others.

X International Conference for Students and Postgraduates 'Modern problems and tendencies of logistics and supply chain management development'

April 27–28, 2016, Moscow

The participants discuss the problems and tendencies of logistics and supply chain management development, information technologies and computer generated simulation in logistics and supply chain management and many others.

International Conference 'Comparing Media Systems in BRICS Countries: A Review of Conventional Paradigms'

April 25–26, 2016, Moscow

The main focus of the conference will concern the similarities and differences among media systems in BRICS countries.

XVII April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development

April 19–22, 2016, Moscow

Special topics of the conference are: analysis of growth problems; modernization from above: facilities and limits; economic decentralization and local self-government; values, trust and cooperation.

International Conference 'Looking Back, Looking Forward: New Directions In World War II Research'

March 17, 2016, Moscow

Participants of the conference discuss the contemporary state of historical knowledge about World War II and its role in Russia’s twentieth-century history.

Student Conference 'E-commerce. Internet Projects. Innovations'

March 15–17, 2016, Moscow

Main topics of the conference: Games, virtual reality; E-Commerce; Innovation in IT; Marketing and Advertising on the Internet; Internet Project Management; Research on the Internet; Internet Economics; Network community; Real Internet; ICT for Medicine; ICT for Business and Public Administration; The legal framework of e-business; Experience in organizing business on the Internet

Saint-Petersburg International Student Research Forum

February 4–5, 2016, Saint Petersburg

The forum includes plenary sessions and mini-conferences in the fields of 'Economics and Management' and 'Social Studies and Humanities'.