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Conferences 2017

International Forum for Young Scholars of Soviet and Post-Soviet History and Culture: A New Opportunity for Research Presentations and Discussion

December 11–13, 2017

This forum is intended to allow young scholars the opportunity for interdisciplinary cross-fertilization with their own peers and with an esteemed group of senior scholars. The candidates from all sub-disciplines of history who are interested in presenting scholarly papers on Soviet and post-Soviet history and culture as well as candidates from the disciplines of cultural studies, anthropology, Slavic studies, art history, literary, and cinema studies are welcome.

International Conference 'Urban Youth Cultures: Solidarities, Creativity, Activism'

November 30 – December 1, 2017

The goal of the conference is to analyze the diversity of youth cultural activities and to explore them as a space for education, maturation, experimentation, protest, creative activity and communication. 

7th International Conference 'Law in Digital Era'

November 20–21, 2017, Moscow

The aim of the conference is to elaborate proposals for further development of legislation in the digital economy. The programme comprises a plenary session and sectional sessions at which presentations by leading Russian experts, researchers and practicing lawyers, as well as foreign specialists are planned.

7th Annual International Academic Conference 'Foresight and STI Policy'

November 1–2, 2017, Moscow

The programme will be based on the search for effective grand responses to grand challenges both by science and technology, and by society, which simultaneously acts as the subject of social processes that cause the emergence and spread of grand challenges, and as the object of their impact. 

Sixth International Moscow Finance Conference And ICEF 20th Anniversary Economics Conference

October 27–28, 2017

The topics discussed at the conference inlcude theoretical and empirical work in macro-finance, international finance, asset pricing, corporate finance and microstructure of financial markets.

International Conference 'New Trends and Directions of Migration'

October 26–27, 2017, Moscow

Migration is one of the most important global phenomena, affecting economic, political, social, and cultural processes, while also giving rise to new phenomena and practices. This conference is geared towards an interdisciplinary approach. We are bringing together experts from a variety of fields, including economics, sociology, political science, anthropology and cultural studies.

International Conference of Higher Education Researchers 'Dynamic Universities for Dynamic World'

October 19–21, 2017

Keynote speeches, conference sessions, and discussions will be organized around the following themes: new formats of higher education; application  and effectiveness of new educational technologies (MOOC, LMS etc.); new organizational forms, structures, and processes in universities; environment within and outside of universities: mutual penetration and impact etc.

Conference "'Academic Revolutions?' Understanding Conceptual Renewal and Institutional Innovation in the Modern World"

October 12–13, 2017

The goal of our conference is to discuss issues in such fields as the history of natural and social sciences and humanities as well as contemporary sociology of knowledge and sociology of ideas in their application to changes in scientific outlook and academic practices since the early modern period, including the Big Science and the trends of the twenty-first century.

eLearning Stakeholders and Researchers Summit 2017

October 10–11, 2017

The participants discuss the latest developments, insights and trends in online education in Russia and in the world.

International Conference on Applied Research in Economics

September 21–22, 2017

The conference focuses on research that has applications to and implications for real-life problems. Hence the conference acronym reflects its motto — iCare = I care.

The 10th Annual Embodied and Situated Language Processing Conference

September 10–12, 2017

The general topic of this Anniversary edition of ESLP is Interdisciplinary Approaches to Embodied and Situated Cognition. ESLP 2017 will showcase new theoretical and empirical research by individuals and groups who transcend traditional research fields’ boundaries and combine research methodologies in their investigations of embodied and situated nature of linguistic and conceptual knowledge.

The Sixth China-Russia Conference on Numerical Algebra with Applications

August 28–30, 2017

The conference aims to facilitate cooperation and exchange of ideas in research on computational methods, mathematical modeling with the use of high performance computing.

BRICS Global Business & Innovation Conference

September 14–15, 2017

The main objective of the conference is to stimulate discussion and generate ideas for developing robust models for promoting competitiveness and sustainable development in an increasingly turbulent environment. The main emphasis is on BRICS countries and their contribution to global business and innovation development, but other contributions to the theory and practice of management and economics are welcome.

International conference 'The Industrialization of Creativity and its Limits: Value, Self-expression and the Economy of Culture in Times of Crisis'

June 23–24, 2017

Main topics: creativity and class; peer production, cinema and music; media piracy; self-media production and social media practices; creativity and grassroots activism; fashion and lifestyle cultures; diy cultures and self-fashioning; gender and ethnicity in the creative industries; crisis, austerity and creativity; big data, reflexive branding, marketing; governmentality of creativity; slow food cultures; urban regeneration.

Second World Congress of Comparative Economics '1917 –2017: Revolution and Evolution in Economic Development'

June 15–17, 2017

The Congress sessions and roundtables will explore a broad spectrum of theoretical and empirical contributions on the following topics: institutional design and institutional dynamics; catching up, cyclical development and structural transformation; macroeconomic stability and macroeconomic policies; development of financial and banking sector; labor market and industrial relations; human capital development, etc.

6th Annual ICSID Conference 2017 and EACES-HSE Workshop

June 13–14, 2017

The major goal of these events is to bring together Russian and foreign scientists in the fields of political economy, political science, economic and institutional development and stimulate the exchange of research results, ideas and knowledge. In 2017, we will continue discussing a variety of issues that we focused on during the five previous conferences organized by ICSID.

International Conference 'A «Memory Revolution»: Soviet History through the Lens of Personal Documents'

June 7–8, 2017

The conference aims to examine the significance and role of personal sources in the study of Soviet history. The organizers plan to draw attention to unconventional texts and personal documents, which differed significantly from the official Soviet view of reality. 

International Conference 'Art versus Document: Photography in Modern Russian History'

June 1–2, 2017

The conference aims to examine the legacies of the debates about photography and socialism as they developed from the late 1920s through to the collapse of the Soviet Union.

3d International Russia Longitudinal Monitoring Survey of HSE User Conference

May 19–20, 2017

The conference aims to provide a forum for the discussion of multi-disciplinary research based on the evidence from the Russia Longitudinal Monitoring Survey of HSE. 

International Conference 'Media Literacy, Media Ecology, Media Education: Digital Media for the Future'

April 20–22, 2017

Main panels of the conference: news literacy; media ecology as a way of existence in the modern media environment; education and media; art and media education; technologies and media literacy; media criticism and media education.

IV International Research Conference 'Culture in Society, Between Groups and Across Generations'

April 18–20, 2017

Topics of the conference: individual values and value transmission, changing identity, inrtergroup relationships, social capital and trust, economic attitudes, poverty and economic disadvantage.

XVIII April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development

April 11–14, 2017

The event featured plenary sessions and special roundtables devoted to the most pressing issues relating to Russia’s social and economic development. 

7th Annual Conference for Emerging Scholars 'Text – Commentary – Interpretation'

April 6 – 7, 2018, Moscow

School of Philology of the Faculty of Humanities invites undergraduate and postgraduate students from Russia as well as from abroad to participate in the 7th annual conference 'Text – Commentary – Interpretation'.