Meeting of the Dissertation Council in Public Administration

On the acceptance for preliminary consideration of dissertation by Hurmuz Naeim David.

The Dissertation Council of NRU HSE in Public Administration at the meeting held on February 18, 2022, adopted the following decisions:
1. Accept for consideration the dissertation of Hurmuz Naeim David on the topic: “The responsibility in the public administration system of Syria and ways to improve it” which submitted for the degree of Candidate of Sciences in Public Administration.
2. Create a commission for the preliminary consideration of the dissertation of Hurmuz N.D. composed of: 
- Candidate of Science in Economics, Associate Professor Klimenko Andrey Vitalievich (Chair person of the Commission);
- PhD Nezhina Tamara Genrichovna (Commission member);
- Candidate of Science in Sociology Styrin Evgeny Mikhailovich (Commission member).