French Professor Visits HSE’s Department of Statistics and Data Analysis

On October 8-22, Thibaut Le Gouic, Associate Professor at Ecole Centrale Marseille, delivered a series of lectures on ‘Metric Geometry and Optimal Transport’ at HSE. This event was organized by the HSE Faculty of Economic Sciences and Laboratory of Stochastic Analysis and its Applications. During the visit, Professor Le Gouic shared his research plans with colleagues from the laboratory, including Quentin Paris, Assistant Professor at the Department of Statistics and Data Analysis and Senior Research Fellow.

Quentin Paris and Thibaut Le Gouic

A joint project by Professors Gouic and Paris is focused on an analysis of the geometric properties of solutions obtained through K-means. They determined the necessary and sufficient conditions for geometric properties to be described in terms of Wasserstein metrics. A working paper on this topic will be published soon.

The series of lectures delivered by Professor Le Gouic was intended for undergrads, doctoral students and research fellows of the HSE Faculty of Economic Sciences. He also spoke at a seminar held at the Faculty of Mathematics and moderated by Valentin Konakov and Alexander Kolesnikov. During the seminar, Professor Le Gouic presented his recent research findings on issues regarding the existence and consistency of the barycenters of probability measures and image restoration.