Big Data: Prospects for Russian-French Cooperation in Science and Technology

Participants of the ‘Big Data Applications’ research workshop, which took place in the beginning of December, discussed big data and prospects for Russian-French cooperation in this area. The workshop, held at HSE, brought together about 50 participants from leading research centres, universities, governmental bodies and IT companies in both Russia and France.

The presentations included topics such as medicine, psychology, biology, ecology, public administration, marketing, and management.

A special focus of the workshop was new methods of work with big data. The success of big data technology and opportunities for its application largely rely on the search for new mathematical models, methods, and algorithms, as well as technological and software solutions.

These issues were discussed in a number of papers, including that by Dmitry Vetrov (HSE Faculty of Computer Science). He presented the results of his study on modernizing the machine learning algorithms used to work with big data, particularly those related to deep neural networks.

The new models and methods for working with big data were presented by Fuad Aleskerov (HSE Department of Mathematics) and other scholars from the Russian Academy of Sciences, Laboratoire d'Informatique de Grenoble, and the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.

The workshop was one of the events in 2016 which celebrated 50 years of Russian-French cooperation in science and technology.

Ivan Prostakov, HSE Vice Rector, Alexis Michel, Counsellor for Science at the French Embassy in Moscow, and Svetlana Maltseva, Head of the School of Business Informatics and initiator of the workshop, spoke at the workshop opening about the importance and prospects for this cooperation.

A paper presented by Marina Bykova from the Delegation of the European Union to Russia on the ‘Horizon 2020’ programme sparked a lively interest in the audience.

Workshop participants expressed a desire to make the workshop an annual event and to develop cooperation further through joint research projects.

The French delegation to the workshop included Dilara Khanannova, graduate of the HSE Faculty of Business Informatics (today the School of Business Informatics), who represented the FactSet company. Dilara noted:


Dilara Khanannova

‘It’s nice to come back to my home university, to the School of Business Informatics, as a successful professional in a company that works in analytical information technology on big data. Five years ago I was lucky enough to get a job in one of the oldest companies in the investment support technology market. I managed to get an interview at this company thanks to my proactive life strategy, but what helped me to pass this interview were the knowledge and skills acquired during my studies of business informatics at HSE.’