How to Use Positive Psychology in Business and Life

How to Use Positive Psychology in Business and Life

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On March 12, Master’s programme Psychology in Business held an open masterclass that focused on positive psychology and its place in business psychology. The speakers included Dr Lisa Matthewman, from University of Westminster and Andrey Evdokimov, the programme graduate and business psychologist.  

The speakers shared their experience in using the tools of positive psychology in their practice. They also discussed with HSE students how to work with PERMA model of psychological well-being (Positive emotions; Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Achievement).

Dr Lisa Matthewman

Positive psychology can help business psychologists to create an effective corporate culture and speed up the development of social institutions—democracy, healthy family, free media, healthy workplace environment, and healthy local social communities.

Tools of corporate positive psychology, as well as self-regulation practices, team and personal motivation, personal effectiveness with positive psychology tools are the necessary components of any programmes on business psychology.

The most urgent topics for professional discussions now are goal setting, self regulation, adoptive leadership during social and economic crises.

I would recommend the latest two publications on positive psychology for HSE students for reading. First is Keys to Well-Being: What Positive Psychology Can Do by Bonivell I. and the other one is Self-Determination Theory: Basic Psychological Needs in Motivation, Development, and Wellness by Ryan R. and Deci E.

Andrey Evdokimov

Positive psychology focuses on optimal human functioning and wellness, looking at happiness, optimism, and positive outlook. Business psychologist can use positive psychology philosophy, approaches ad techniques for dealing with business issues.

All students studying business psychology should have a module in positive psychology. Using positive psychology for wellbeing, post covid time especially. I consider using positive psychology for wellbeing and post covid restoration as the most urgent topic for professional attention now.

I would recommend the book by Boniwell, I, Positive Psychology In a Nutshell: The Science of Happiness to HSE students. This is a good little book which covers all the basics. Another good book written by a team of experts is The International Handbook of Positive Psychology 2022. A Global Perspective on the Science of Positive Human Existence. The authors are Edward C. Chang, Christina Downey, Hongfei Yang, Ingo Zettler, and Mine Muyan-Yilik.

Dr Lisa Matthewman is Certified Principal Business Psychologist (ABPCPBP), Principal Lecturer in Business and Organisational Psychology/Behaviour PTVL Lead (Managing and Mentoring), School Senior Tutor, Course Leader for MSc in Business and Organisational Psychology School of Management and Marketing in Westminster Business School, University of Westminster

Andrey Evdokimov is a business psychologist, business development consultant, leaders and teams, PCC (ICF) coach, marketer, speaker, entrepreneur and visiting lecturer at HSE in High School of Psychology.