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‘Chinese Crisis’ at Western Universities: Why the U.S. Is Losing Students from China

‘Chinese Crisis’ at Western Universities: Why the U.S. Is Losing Students from China
Experts have noticed declining Chinese cooperation with Western partners in higher education. Students from the world’s leading exporter of students now have a preference for their national universities. But many Western universities depend on the inflow of Chinese students, and a decrease in numbers may slow their development. In a recent paper, Philip G. Altbach offered his reflections on U.S. universities’ ‘Chinese crisis.’

HSE at the BRICS Universities Summit

On 3-4 December 2014 the inaugural BRICS and Emerging Economies Universities Summit will take place in Moscow. On 3 December the HSE will host its ‘Russian Universities Day’.

In pursuing research achievements, universities should not forget about their students

On May 15-17, the 2nd SERU Consortium (Student experience in the research university) conference took place at the HSE. It was devoted to problems concerning the educational milieu of contemporary research universities.

Students Need Assistance, Not Expulsion

Concerned about discipline and uniformity, teachers at Russian universities tend to squeeze out students perceived as not fitting in with the academic culture, suggests a study by Ivan Gruzdev, Elena Gorbunova, and Isak Frumin.

Competition will Take Russian Universities to a New Level

The self-sufficient and closed academic environment in Russia is an obstacle to the appearance of world-class universities, argues Maria Yudkevich in her article presented at the 4th International Conference ‘University Traditions: a Resource or a Burden?’

Russia Holland Inter-University Partnership

On the 15th-16th November on the eve of the “Crossroads” Russia- Holland year, HSE held a conference for the directors of leading universities in Holland and Russia. “The Russia-Holland inter-university partnership: new academic and scientific priorities.”
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