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New Personnel Selection System Now Active across the Country

New Personnel Selection System Now Active across the Country
The social mobility system created under President Vladimir Putin’s initiative begins with a search for talented children and ends with training and selection of the best top executives. On April 10, the participants of a plenary session on ‘The New System of Social Mobility in Russia as a Way to Renew the Elite’ at theXX April International Academic Conference discussed the details of this system, as well as its future outlook.

Investors Prefer Regions with Developed Economies

Even a business climate that is not very favourable is not an obstacle for investors if the country is developing fast in general. Business leaders who invest in countries with underdeveloped institutions choose politically stable regions with high demand, qualified workforce and developed infrastructure, said Ksenia Gonchar, leading research fellow at the HSE Institute for Industrial and Market Studies (IIMS), in a paper.

Michal Rochlitz: ’ HSE is the Top Place in Russia for My Research’

Michael Rochlitz is a research fellow at the Center for the Study of Institutions and Development. Before joining HSE he finished a PhD in economics at IMT Lucca in Italy. He described the project he had been working on in the HSE and benefits of living in Moscow.