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Early-Career Researchers from HSE University and Shanghai University Exchange Best Practices

Photo: HSE University staff visits Shanghai University
On December 15, the Second Sino-Russian Economic Cooperation Workshop–Youth Forum took place online. The event was organised jointly by HSE University and the Shanghai University School of Economics. Anastasia Stepanova, Deputy Vice Rector of HSE University, Associate Professor at the School of Finance, and one of the workshop organisers, talked to the HSE News Service about cooperation with Shanghai University and the topics covered by the workshop.

A Genuine Challenge for Humanity in the 21st Century

Professor Paul Kind, University of Leeds, led the International Centre for Health Economics, Management and Policy seminar at the HSE St Petersburg.

Intellectual Capital

The 9th interdisciplinary workshop on intangibles, intellectual capital and extra-financial information was held at the Copenhagen Business School at the end of September. It was organized by EIASM (the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management). Mariya Molodchik, Associate Professor of the Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Empirical Studies HSE Perm told about the event.

Interaction between Science and the Real Economy Sector

On July 18 and 19, 2013, an international workshop on ‘State Research Organizations: Interaction between Science and the Real Economy Sector’ takes place at the HSE. The event has been organized by the HSE Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge (ISSEK).

Bringing together strong voices and different points of view

The International workshop ‘Explaining Contentious Politics in Russia: Innovations in Theory and Data Collection’ will bring together Russian and foreign experts. Regina Smyth, Associate Professor, Department of Political Studies, University of Indiana, USA, gave a special interview to HSE news service.