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Microgravity Changes Brain Connectivity: What Happens to the Human Brain in Weightlessness

An international team of Russian and Belgian researchers has found out that space travel has a significant impact on the brain: they discovered that cosmonauts demonstrate changes in  brain connectivity related to perception and movement. Some areas, such as regions in the insular and parietal cortices, work more synchronously with other brain areas after the space flight. On the other hand,  connectivity of some other regions, such as the cerebellum and vestibular nuclei,  decreases. The results of the study were published in Frontiers in Physiology.

Working Memory Is Structured Hierarchically: The Colours and Orientations of Objects Are Processed Independently

Researchers in cognitive psychology at HSE University have experimentally demonstrated that the colours and orientations of objects are stored and processed independently in working memory. However, it is easier for a person to remember these features when they belong to a single object: for example, it is easier for a person to remember and understand one graph on which both parameters are indicated (with a colour and a line shape, for example), than two different graphs in which the two parameters are shown separately. The results of the experiment were published in Acta Psychologica journal.
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