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Apr 24 – Apr 25
IX International Russian Higher Education 'Universities in Search of a Balance between New and Familiar Goals'
Deadline for submissions: May 1, 2018 
Apr 24, 18:00
Research Seminar 'Empirical Corporate Finance'
Apr 26 – Apr 30
Conference on 'The modes of thinking, the ways of speaking'


Michal Rochlitz: ’ HSE is the Top Place in Russia for My Research’

Michael Rochlitz is a research fellow at the Center for the Study of Institutions and Development. Before joining HSE he finished a PhD in economics at IMT Lucca in Italy. He described the project he had been working on in the HSE and benefits of living in Moscow.

Social Networks Rule the Photo Market

Social networks are one of the reasons for the growing demand for professional photography. Social networks allow anyone to create their public image in a virtual reality. Anastiasia Evstratova has been studying the mechanisms of demand on the photo market, as well as the functions of photography for photographers and their clients.

New International Cooperation in Leadership in Education

The HSE Institute of Education Center for Leadership in Education has signed a partnership agreement with the international Asia Leadership Project. Now Russia has also joined the project.

Minimum Monthly Wage Raise Leads to Growing Informal Employment

Minimum Monthly Wage (MMW) is a bad institution for fighting poverty and inequality. One of the reasons for this is Russia’s high heterogeneity. Raising MMW often leads to the death of companies and a growing shadow labour market, Alexey Oshchepkov concludes this in his study ‘Minimum Wage’s Influence on the Labour Market in Russia’.

Think Tanks Need a Development Strategy

A number of fairly strong independent economic think tanks have emerged in Russia, but their further development depends on whether they can maintain their independence and provide good analysis while responding to the new challenges posed by changes in demand for their services. These are the findings of a collaborative ARETT-HSE study.

International views on the problems of nothing in the history of philosophy

Elena Dragalina-Chernaya, Professor of the Department of Ontology, Logic, and Epistemology, HSE Faculty of Philosophy and Head of the Laboratory for Philosophical Studies, HSE Centre for Advanced Studies presents international conference “Ontology of Negativitiness” that will take place at the HSE on October, 22-23, 2013.

Informal Employment: Money, but Not Happiness

Employees without a formal contract are less happy than those fully protected by the Labour Code, suggests the report by Ludmilla Leonova  'Empirical Models for the Correlation Between Unregistered Employment and Life Satisfaction'.

Professor David Engerman: ‘Americans in particular view "Cold War culture" as repressive - and don't really have much understanding of soviet life. Yet both societies shared responsibility for the Cold War’

On October 17-19, 2013 the international conference ‘Social and Human Sciences on Both Sides of the “Iron Curtain”’ organized by the HSE Poletayev Institute for Theoretical and Historical Studies in the Humanities is being held in Moscow. David Engerman, Professor of History at Brandeis University told the news service about a new western approach to understanding soviet life during the Cold War.

Economic perspective on culture and diversity

On October 18-19, 2013 the conference 'Culture, Diversity, and Development' will be held in Moscow. Leonid Polishchuk, Professor, Head of the Laboratory for Applied Studies of Institutions and Social Capital at the HSE, shared his vision of the issue and introduced some participants of the conference to the HSE news service.

Profesor Wade Hands: ‘My conjecture is that economics felt a much more direct influence from the Cold War than the other social sciences’

The HSE international conference on "Social and Human Sciences On Both Sides of the 'Iron Curtain'" starts on October 17, 2013 in Moscow. Professor D. Wade Hands of the Department of Economics University of Puget Sound and co-editor of The Journal of Economic Methodology spoke to the HSE news service ahead of the conference about his expectations for a lively and interesting discussion.