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Jan 19, 17:00

Lecture 'New European and Western policy towards Russia?' by Hans-Joachim Spanger

Apr 11 – Apr 14
7th LCSR International Workshop

Submission deadline - January 15, 2017 

Jun 1 – Jun 2

International Conference 'Art versus Document: Photography in Modern Russian History'

Deadline for submitting proposals - December 20, 2016 

Innovation-based Development: Prospects and Tools

The new issue of Foresight and STI Governance (2016, vol. 10, No. 4) presents the results of Russian-based studies to assess import substitution prospects, discuss the current state of the knowledge-intensive business services sector, and looks at the impact of fixed-term employment contracts on companies’ innovation activities. Furthermore, international experts share their methodological recommendations on boosting the effectiveness of European innovation policy, and designing technology development strategies.

'Golden Reference' Recognizes HSE's Most Important Research

HSE and the publishing house Elsevier have inaugurated the Golden Reference award to recognize researchers whose articles are most cited and which have the greatest influence on the development of research and society. Ingrid van de Stadt, Regional Director for Marketing at Elsevier, has talked to HSE News Service about how best to evaluate the quality of academic publications, and what is often left out of this evaluation.

Articles by HSE Researchers in Collection of Studies on Post-Soviet History

On December 26, 1991, the Soviet Union was dissolved and the Russian flag was raised over Kremlin. Taylor & Francis Group gathered a large collection of studies on Soviet and post-Soviet periods containing 150 research articles to celebrate the 25th anniversary of this event. Articles by staff from the School of Political Science were also included in the collection ‘The Dissolution of the Soviet Union: 25 Years On’.  All the publications will be available free of charge until the end of June 2017.

HSE ISSEK Scholars Publish a Book on Foresight for Science, Technology and Innovation

In their new book, Foresight for Science, Technology and Innovation (Springer, 2016), Ian Miles, Ozcan Saritas and Alexander Sokolov introduce the term ForSTI to describe future-oriented analyses, informed by participative processes (to assess evidence, articulate possibilities, and propose actions), that are designed  to feed into STI decision-making. The future considered is usually a long-term one; the issues examined go beyond the purely technical ones; the stakeholders involved reflect the wide spectrum of experience and knowledge relevant to these issues, and the actors whose mobilisation may be required to effect change. The book was presented during recent conference Foresight and STI conference at HSE.

Book by Prof. Ronald Grigor Suny Won Prestigious Wayne S. Vucinich Book Prize

The book 'They Can Live in the Desert but Nowhere Else”: A History of the Armenian Genocide' by Prof. Ronald Grigor Suny, Head of the International Research Project 'Comparative Historical Studies of Empire and Nationalism', has won the Wayne S. Vucinich Book Prize.

New Issue of HERB Focuses on Doctoral Studies

The ninth issue of Higher Education in Russia and Beyond, a journal that highlights current educational trends from Russia, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe, has just been published.

New Issue of Foresight and STI Governance: 'Smart' Strategies as a Basis for Efficient Territorial Development

The new issue of ‘Foresight and STI Governance’ (2016, vol. 10, no 3) focuses on various aspects of innovation-based development in Russian regions, the results of the China-2025 Foresight study, and new customer attraction strategies in the retail sector.

First Russian Translation Released of Lester Salamon’s Book on Philanthropy’s Big Bang

On September 21, the first Russian translation was released of the book Leverage for Good: An Introduction to the New Frontiers of Philanthropy and Social Investment by HSE professor and the head of the Laboratory for Non-profit Sector Studies, Lester Salamon.

Challenges of the Teaching Profession Disccused in HSE Journal

The second issue of Voprosy obrazovaniya/Educational Studies.Moscow has been recently released. The current issue features the following thematic section – Recruitment, Education and Retention of Teachers: Issues and Challenges in the Eastern/Central Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia and Mongolia.

Innovations: Drivers and Barriers to Development

The latest issue of ‘Foresight and STI Governance’ covers a variety of methodological aspects of innovative activity and its features in particular areas.