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Reserch Workshops

Workshop 27.11.13
Current workshop
was devoted to the disclosure of Intellectual Capital issues (I.Prevushina), presentetion of the current progress of the Russian database collection (V.Bykov), and presentation of the results achieved by our research group in 2013 (M. Molodchik)
 Workshop  12.11.2013
The workshop was devoted to the discussion of the idea of ​​Petr Parshakov, Iuliia Naidenova and Marina Oskolkova joint research project. Grigorii Teplykh introduced the idea and ​​preliminary empirical results of his paper.
Workshop 10.10.2013
During the seminar paper drafts were presented by Iuliia Naidenova & Marina Oskolkova, and also by prof. Anna Bykova & Evgeniia Kuminova. To read more

Workshop 03.10.2013

This workshop was devoted to some organizational issues –           participants’ plans for September - December 2013, as well as            presentation of joint projects with AREOPA: meeting in Copenhagen outcomes (Maria Molodchik)          and the discussion of          current progress of collecting the data about Russian companies. (Vladimir Bykov)    

Workshop 25.09.2013

On this workshop Elena Shakina presented her research "Exploring Value Creation through Intangibles: managers' decisions vs investors' expectations", invited experts – Dmitrii Vinogradov and Yuri Cerlukevich.

More information in  Exploring Value Creation through Intangibles

Workshop 19.09.2013

In the frame of  "iCare   : International Conference on Applied Research in Economics"   Angel Barajas and Elena Shakina presented their research paper "The Dynamics of Intellectual Recourses during the Crisis". Moreover Iulia Naidenova and Petr Parshakov introduced their work
"Intellectual Capital Investments: Evidence from Panel VAR Analysis" to the participants of iCare.

Workshop 17.09.2013

Current workshop was integrated into the interdisciplinary seminar "Special features of the company’s development in the context of the economic crisis," which was organized by empirical research laboratory. Team members of “Empirical Corporate Finance”  study group have taken active part in it.

 Workshop 02.09.2013

The first workshop in the 2013/14 academic year was devoted to the bibliometric analysis (Bibliometrics - a discipline that allows to measure the degree of development of science as a whole or its individual domains and questions) and its role in the current project of research group. ​​Anna Bykova prepared a comprehensive and informative report on the Bibliometric Analysis of Economic Crisis Topic

More information in Presentation Bibliometrics.ppt 

  Workshop 23.07.2013

On the twelfth workshop Grigorii Teplykh shared findings of his research with the study group. Grigorii presented two research papers, which are   “Innovations and productivity: shift of the 2008 crisis” and “Value creation model in different types of companies”. Read more

  Workshop 09.07.2013

In this workshop Iuliia Naidenova and Petr Parshakov made a presentation of their research results. The article is called “Intellectual Capital Investments: Evidence from Panel VAR Analysis” and its main aim is to analyze a dynamic relationship between IC components and economic profit, with a special emphasis on industry specific effects in pharmaceutical, retail, steel, telecommunications, and service sectors. Read more

 Workshop 25.06.2013

Tenth workshop was devoted to summing-up the work made on a research project – we discussed and evaluated the achievements of each individual member of the project, analyzed the overall results, as well as making plans for the next academic year and distributed task. In addition, Maria Molodchik and Elena Shakina  made a presentation about their trip to the University of Vigo.

  Workshop 21.05.2013

This workshop was devoted to the Economic Crisis in Europe and was held in distance mode.
During several weeks Anna Bykova, Iuliia Naidenova and Oksana Kabakova have prepared materials on Economic Crisis in Europe, including the scietometric report, the analysis of European countries and Industries in the Crisis context. Read more

 Workshop 12.05.2013

Workshop 29.04.2013

Except    current participants   of the research group, there were 1st and 2nd grade students of HSE on the workshop. Young colleagues actively participated in the discussion, asked questions and also proposed interesting variants of the group's logo. Read more


 Workshop 12.04.2013
The main speaker of the workshop is Elena Shakina. She presented report devoted to Research Design. Her speech provoked discussion, during which the special guest of the seminar Grigory Kosenok gave a lot of valuable advice about econometric analysis. Read more

Workshop 25.03.2013

Workshop held on 25 March was focused on the results of scientometric analysis, implemented by participants of the research group in collaboration with experts. Besides, different dimensions of the project's topic were discussed. Read more

 Workshop 18.03.2013

The agenda of the seminar included the following points: Literature  Review (presented by Anna Bykova ), Nonparametric Estimation of IC “production function” ( presented by Iuliia Naidenova and Petr Parshakov) and results of the database verification  (by Evgeniia Kuminova).  Read more


Workshop 25.02.2013

Today Evgeniia Kuminova made a presentation of database, sample and subsample analysis. Moreover Anna Bykova  presented current results of the work on the literature review and work in Zotero. Read more




Workshop 04.02.2013

This workshop of the research group, held on 4 February, was devoted to work with soft product Zotero. This soft helps to store a large amount of information, create and edit different objects, in particular - common library of the study group, which contains articles connected with the topic of the study.  The second item on the agenda was   scietometric analysis. Read more

Workshop 23.01.2013

The first research workshop was held on 23 January 2013. It was devoted to discussion of framework of the study  “The Changing Role of Companies’ Intangibles over the Crisis”. Among participants of the workshop there was a supervisor of the research group - Angel Barajas. Read more



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