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Research Team Project Competition

From September 5 through October 2, 2018, applications will be received for the Research Team Project Competition.

The Research Team Project Competition (formerly known as Teacher-Student Team Research Project Competition) is a competition of Research and Study Groups (RSG), which are research teams that includes undergraduate, Master’s, and doctoral students, young lecturers and/or research fellows who are supervised by an experienced scholar.

An RSG can be supervised by an HSE lecturer and/or research fellow who holds a Doctor of Science, Candidate of Science, or PhD and has some research experience, including publications, in the area close to the topic of the suggested research project. The supervisor should also have some experience in academic supervision over undergraduate/Master’s/doctoral students at HSE, as well as experience conducting research seminars, specialized courses, or workshops.

An RSG may include:

  • full-time and part-time instructors and researchers at HSE and its regional campuses who hold a Doctor of Science degree, Candidate’s degree or a PhD;
  • full-time employees of HSE and its branches who have a Doctor of Science degree, Candidate’s degree or a PhD and at the same time are employed part-time as either an instructor or a researcher for 0.5 of full-time pay;
  • young full-time instructors and researchers at HSE and its branches;
  • full-time and part-time doctoral students at HSE and its branches;
  • undergraduate and graduate students at HSE and its branches;
  • other people who are instrumental to the project and whose participation in the project has been approved by the Academic Fund Council or the Council Board of the Academic Fund.

An RSG must include HSE undergraduate, Master’s or doctoral students. In addition to the supervisor, the RSG may include no more than three ‘adult’ members who are lecturers/research fellows. The RSG must include at least five students.

More about the requirements for the application package, reports, RSG supervisor and members in the Research Team Project Competition can be found in the Rules and Regulations (in Russian)

Sample Project Specification

Requirements to Websites of Research and Study Groups

Application requirements for RSG projects


The Researcher ID for all project supervisors who apply to the Academic Fund must be added.

The ID should be added to the employee’s personal profile in the HSE staff directory.

Sample identifier formats:

Sample ORCID:  0000-0001-7275-0765

Sample ResearcherID: A-1009-2008

Sample Scopus Author ID: 7005088140

Sample SPIN RSCI: 5251-0883

Without an RID, an applicant will not be able to create and submit an application!

Applications for the Research Team Project Competition are made online at Заявка на конкурс научного фонда

 Application form-list of fields (DOCX, 26 Kb)

If you have previously applied to the HSE Academic Fund competition or for a bonus, use the login and password you received then.

Be careful when entering your login name and password on your personal profile on the HSE website – the password may be different from your email password!
If you are using the interactive system for the first time, please contact portal@hse.ru to register. Registration for new employees is possible after HR department processes all documents and uploads personal data into HSE database.

The application for the Research Team Project Competition includes two mandatory forms: Information on the Project, and Applicant’s Data. Both forms must be completed.
If there are no accurately completed forms, the application will be rejected.

Please note that all fields in the application must be completed; if there is no information, type ‘no’ in the field.

It is recommended that the application for the competition be completed in the RSG supervisor’s personal user profile. Personal data of all RSG members must be added to the application.

All RSG supervisors are requested to collect personal data from all participants in a timely manner, especially from younger participants and students. If some students do not have a pension insurance card number, the system will also accept the application.

After completing the forms for the RSG Project, applicants must confirm their agreement with the application information and sign (send) the application.

An application with the current status ‘In progress’ is available to be read by administrators and staff of the Office of Academic Research, which is responsible for carrying out the competition. If necessary, you can contact this organization and edit the application. That is why we kindly ask everyone interested to begin completing the application immediately after the start of the application period and not to delay until the final days.

Applicants should note that an application with current status ‘Signed’ remains in the applicant’s personal profile, but further editing is not possible.

If you have signed an unfinished application by mistake, please contact staff member responsible from the Office of Academic Research by phone or email.

Printed versions of the applications do not need to be submitted. The application is considered sent when it has the status ‘Signed’ in the online user profile. Please note that after the end of the application period, staff of the Office of Academic Research will not be able to open the applications at the request of the applicants.

Applications that remain unsigned in the system after the end of the application period are not submitted to the competition.

If you have any questions regarding the contents of the application form, please contact the following staff of the Office of Academic Research who are responsible for the Research Team Project Competition:

Ekaterina Eliseeva +7(495) 772-95-90, ext. 11766, keliseeva@hse.ru

Olga Churikova +7(495) 772-95-90, ext. 11851, ochhurikova@hse.ru

When creating the webpage of a Research and Study Group, please follow the Regulations. Staff members from the Online Media Unit can help you in creating a webpage. If you have any questions regarding webpage creation, please contact portal@hse.ru. We kindly ask all RSG supervisors to send a link to the webpage after it is created to Liudmila Kuralenya at the Academic Fund, keliseeva@hse.ru



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