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Address: 4 Armyansky Pereulok, Building 2, room 409
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ORCID: 0000-0002-1707-7456
ResearcherID: M-6789-2015
Scopus AuthorID: 56785480400
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V. Klucharev
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Aleksei Gorin

  • Aleksei Gorin has been at HSE University since 2013.


  • 2015

    Saint Petersburg State University

  • 2012

    Bachelor's in Biology
    Saint Petersburg State University, Biology

Professional Interests

Courses (2020/2021)

Courses (2019/2020)

Courses (2018/2019)

Courses (2017/2018)


Employment history

SPbU, assistant, 2012-2014

HSE, research assistant, since 2013


  • Master student, Saint-Petersburg State University Department of Higher Nervous Activity and Psychophysiology (since 2013)
  • Bachelor student Saint-Petersburg State University, Saint-Petersburg State University Department of Higher Nervous Activity and Psychophysiology, Degree earned: Bachelor of Biology (2012)

Research Interests

  • Neuroimaging, analysis of EEG\MEG data, non-parametric statistics for neuroimaging data;
  • Cognitive neuroscience: reinforcement learning, social learning, neuroeconomics.


  • Zubarev I, Gorin A, Klucharev V., Shestakova A. MEG correlates of social conformity// Proceedings of International Symposium “Neuroimaging: Theory and Clinical applications”, Moscow May 2012, p. 63-66 (in Russian)
  • Kalmykova M, Shestakova A, Tugin S., Krugliakova E., Gorin A., Klucharev V. ERP Study of Brand Association// Society for Neuroeconomics Annual Meeting, EPFL, Losanne, Switzerland, 2013
  • Gorin A,  Zubarev I, Shestakova A., Ossadtchi A and Klucharev V., internalization of social influence // BIOMAG, Seoul, South Korea,2016.
  • A.Gorin IEEE International Symposium Video and Audio Signal Processing in the Context of Neurotechnologies ”MEG correlates of internalization of social influence”, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2016;

Timetable for today

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Can the Brain Resist the Group Opinion?

Scientists at HSE University have learned that disagreeing with the opinion of other people leaves a ‘trace’ in brain activity, which allows the brain to later adjust its opinion in favour of the majority-held point of view. The article was published in Scientific Reports.

Losing Money Multiple Times Causes Plastic Changes in the Brain

Researchers at the HSE Institute for Cognitive Neuroscience have shown experimentally that economic activity can actively change the brain. Signals that predict regular financial losses evoke plastic changes in the cortex. Therefore, these signals are processed by the brain more meticulously, which helps to identify such situations more accurately. The article was published in Scientific Reports.