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Address: 3A Krivokolenny Pereulok, room 320к
ORCID: 0000-0002-2151-2801
ResearcherID: C-3920-2016
Scopus AuthorID: 55702568000
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Tim Jaekel

  • Tim Jaekel has been at HSE University since 2015.

Education and Degrees

  • 2011

    PhD in Political Science (Dr. rer. pol.)
    Heidelberg University
    Thesis Title: Arbeitsmarktreformen. Eine empirisch-vergleichende Analyse für 16 westeuropäische Länder 1950 bis 2008 (A Time-Series Cross-Sectional Analysis of Labor Market Reforms in Western Europe 1950-2008). (in German)

  • 2007

    Local Office of Teacher Attestation under the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports

  • 2007

    State examination in Political Science
    Heidelberg University

  • 2007

    State examination in History
    Heidelberg University

Work experience

Assistant Professor
National Research University Higher School of Economics
School of Public Administration – Faculty of Social Sciences
Jan 2015 – until now

Senior Research Fellow
German Research Institute for Public Administration Speyer, Germany
November 2010 – December 2014

Coordinator of the Research Collaboration
„Performance comparison and benchmarking in the public sector“
German Research Institute for Public Administration Speyer, Germany
November 2010 – December 2014

Teaching Fellow
German University of Administrative Sciences Speyer
October 2011 – June 2014

Research Assistant
Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg, Germany
September 2009 – August 2010

Research Assistant
University of Heidelberg
November 2006 – August 2009

Awards and Accomplishments

Courses (2020/2021)

Courses (2019/2020)

Courses (2018/2019)

Courses (2017/2018)

Research Seminar (Bachelor’s programme; Faculty of Social Sciences; 2 year, 3, 4 module)Eng


Research Team Municipal Waste Management

1.1.2020 - 31.12.2020







Chapter Jaekel T. Benchmarking and Comparisons of Performance of Local Governments in Germany: Approaches, Advantages and Side Effects, in: Comparative Studies on Vertical Administrative Reforms in China and Germany. Speyer : German Research Institute for Public Administration Speyer, 2016. P. 289-302.




Article Jaekel T., Kuhlmann S. Kann man von der Schweiz lernen? Leistungsvergleiche kommunaler Finanzkennzahlen in föderalen Ländern // Verwaltung & Management. 2012. Vol. 18. No. 3. P. 131-135.


Book Jaekel T. Arbeitsmarktreformen. Eine empirisch-vergleichende Analyse für 16 westeuropäische Länder 1950 bis 2008. Heidelberg : Universitätsbibliothek der Universität Heidelberg, 2011. doi


Article Wagschal U., Jaekel T. Öffentliche Finanzen im Stresstest – Policy-Reaktionen auf die Finanz- und Wirtschaftskrise // der moderne staat – Zeitschrift für Public Policy, Recht und Management. 2010. Vol. 3. No. 2. P. 295-320.


In Pursuit of the African Migrant Experience: HSE Doctoral Student Sheds Light on an Understudied Segment of the Moscow Population

At the recent seminar of the HSE International Laboratory for Social Integration Research, Isaac Olumayowa Oni, HSE doctoral student and lab research assistant, spoke about African migration to Russia. In an interview with HSE News Service, Isaac discussed his research and talked about what it’s like to study at HSE and live in Moscow.

Students of the programme in the State Duma of the Russian Federation

Students visited the plenary session of State Duma as part of the course “Theory and Practice of Public Administration”. Two study tours to the Lower House of the Federal Assembly of Russia were organized for the “Population and Development” master’s students. Consolidating received knowledge and an understanding of the applied competences of a public servant in Russia were the main objectives of these educational tours.

Impressions from the 19th April Conference

After the conference is over it’s time to reflect on what this year has brought to plan for the participation in the next year’s event, and The HSE Look talked to several internationally recruited HSE faculty members about what they value most about participating in the April Conference and what topics and discussions they found most interesting this year.

Welt und Wissenschaft: Growing Strong with a Dedicated Community

If you are interested in attending a conference at HSE, there is always something going on. In fact, one of the University’s conferences aimed at young researchers is quite special, as it held neither in Russian nor in English, but in German. Less than half a month apart from HSE’s April Conference, the international conference Welt und Wissenschaft (‘World and Science’) was held for the 4th time. The HSE Looktalked to one of the organizers, Yulia Pasko, Associate Professor of the Department of German Language, about how they involve students and faculty in the development of this tight-knit academic community.

Annual Workshop on Intercultural Communication ‘Living and Working in Russia’

On September 22 'Living and Working in Russia' workshop welcomed new international faculty members to HSE.

‘Nowhere Have I Enjoyed Teaching More Than in Russia’

On July 24, the results of the Best Teachers 2017 competition at HSE were announced, with more than 500 teachers from across the university being recognized by students, 80% of whom voted in this year’s competition. While the financial reward for recognition is certainly attractive, the teachers who won appreciated the support of students, as well as the opportunity to reflect on their careers and what has made them successful.

Making a Home in HSE’s Cities

For foreign scholars who come to teach and conduct research at the Higher School of Economics, whether temporarily or on a permanent basis, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod all provide a variety of interesting opportunities to enjoy a quality life. We spoke with several international scholars who now make these cities home about their experiences and the advice they would share with others who may be considering a move.

Monthly Public Administration Discussion to Focus on a Stress Test for Public Finances

On October 10, the HSE School of Public Administration hosted its monthly discussion series. This month’s event is entitled ‘Stress Test for Public Finances – Policy-Responses to the Financial and Economic Crisis in the OECD’ and was led by Prof. Dr. Uwe Wagschal of the University of Freiburg (Germany). Professor Wagschal's talk focused on the consequences of massive monetary and fiscal stimulus for the public purse and will compare the fiscal packages in 28 OECD-countries aimed at combating an economic downturn following the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008.

HSE Open Talks at HSE Day

Each year HSE welcomes new colleagues – Ph.D. holders from the world’s best universities – who join the university through the international recruiting programme. HSE continues the tradition of public lectures at HSE Day, and holds HSE Open Talks in English. Academics from all over the world representing the most diverse disciplines will discuss their research and talk with the public.

Conference in Budapest

On October 15-16, an international conference ‘Public Service Innovation and the Delivery of Effective Public Services’ was held in Budapest. The event was organized by the National University of Public Service (Hungary) and the University of Edinburgh (Great Britain). S. Osborne and R. Carmen, two  scholars renowned for their innovations in public administration, also took part in the event.  

Conference in Budapest

On 15-16 October the international conference Public Service Innovation and the Delivery of Effective Public Services was held in Budapest, organised by the National University of Public Service (Hungary) and the University of Edinburgh (UK). Participants includes leading scholars in the introduction of innovation into public management, such as Stephen Osborne and R. Carmen.

‘Living and Working in Moscow Broadens a Person’s Intellectual Scope’

Dr. Tim Jaekel, Assistant Professor at the School of Public Administration at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, holds a PhD in Political Science from Heidelberg University. Before joining HSE in 2015, he served as a postdoctoral research fellow at the German Research Institute for Public Administration in Speyer and as a teaching fellow at the German University of Administrative Sciences.

HSE Day Offers Something for Everyone

Russian students and teachers were not the only ones to actively participate in HSE Day on September 9; many foreigners who study or work at the university took part as well. Numerous activities enriching the celebration could be enjoyed without any knowledge of Russian — for example, Speed ​​Dating, Dance Battle, and a variety of sporting events. However, some sites during the festival had a special English-language programme.


lectures will be delivered by HSE scholars at Gorky Park as part of HSE Day. Lectures will be delivered in both Russian and English.