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+7 (495) 772-9590 доб. 44404
Address: 21/4 Staraya Basmannaya Ulitsa, Building 1, room 207
ORCID: 0000-0003-3751-5190
ResearcherID: G-5527-2010
Scopus AuthorID: 55968418300
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Nadia Moro

  • Nadia Moro has been at HSE University since 2014.

Nadia Moro completed her Doctorate in Philosophy in 2009 jointly at Milan and Oldenburg. She carried out post-doctoral research at the University of Milan and enjoyed several research stays at the Technical University of Berlin, the Ruhr-University Bochum, and the University of Leeds. She has been assistant professor at HSE since 2014.

Nadia’s research is focused on post-Kantian German philosophy and the relationships between philosophy and sciences such as psychology, physiology, and linguistics in the long nineteenth century. She is also interested in aesthetical formalism, music theory, and recent Italian history.

Areas of specialisation

Empiricism, epistemology and realism in 19th-century science and philosophy: Herbart, Lotze, Helmholtz, Stumpf, Wundt

19th-century psychology and physiology

Theories of language

Aesthetic and axiological formalism

Music theory

Education and Degrees

  • 2009

    PhD in Philosophy
    University of Milan
    Thesis Title: From I. Kant’s Transcendental Aesthetic to the Tone Psychology by J. F. Herbart, M. W. Drobisch, and C. Stumpf

  • 2009

    DrPhil in Philosophy
    Thesis Title: From I. Kant’s Transcendental Aesthetic to the Tone Psychology by J. F. Herbart, M. W. Drobisch, and C. Stumpf

  • 2005

    University of Milan


As a member of the editorial board of the informational bulletin for HSE international faculty "The HSE look," I welcome your suggestions!

2018: Discovering Russia columns Praising the snowfall & Experiencing Russia, meeting Russians. Summertime in Yakutia/Sakha Republic (The HSE look)

2016: Article on Corriere della sera (Italian), mentioned by IFOA

2015: Interview at The HSE Look - informational bulletin of HSE international faculty

2015: Interview at studpress.hse.ru (Russian; English)

2015: Interview at almalaurea.it (Italian)


Articles and papers21


Editorial board membership

2016: Member of the Editorial Board, Giornale Critico della Filosofia Italiana.

Teaching 2019/2020

Philosophy (Bachelor's degree programme Management and Digital Innovation; 1st year, 2nd module) - ENG

Philosophy (Bachelor's degree programme Language and Literature of Iran; 2nd year, 3rd module) - ENG

Philosophy (Bachelor's degree programme Indian Languages and Literature; 2nd year, 3rd module) - ENG

Immanuel Kant’s Prolegomena (Bachelor's degree programme Philosophy; 3rd year) - ENG


I am glad to supervise students who wish to work on epistemological issues in Kant and post-Kantian philosophy, on the history of psychology and the emergence of Neo-Kantianism. 

Post-Kantian session 2018

Post-Kantian philosophical debates on knowledge and the dynamicization of the a priori in the long 19th century

Organisation and chair: Nadia Moro

in the framework of the 9th international conference of the HSE School of Philosophy "Modes of Thinking, Ways of Speaking" - 26-30 April 2018

After Kant’s Copernican turn philosophers have striven to amend or perfect his critical enterprise. They claimed that the conditions of knowledge had to be addressed through a meta-critical investigation or had to be naturalized and grounded in experience, the sciences, culture, and their development. This session aims to discuss and compare the different approaches which were implemented in the long nineteenth century in order to reform the transcendental, ranging from the appeal to the Absolute to anthropological, psychological, physiological, and epistemological inquiries.

Programme (28 April 2018, 10:00-14:00 - Myasnitskaya ul. 20, room 236)

  1. Vera Pozzi (HSE, Moscow). The Early Spread of Kantian Philosophy in the Russian Spiritual Academies: The Case of the Institutiones Metaphysicae by Irodion Vetrinski
  2. Anton Tsygurov (HSE, Moscow). Historical Dynamicization of the Categories in Kant’s Conjectural Beginning of Human History and its Reinvention in Schelling’s Philosophy of Revelation
  3. Nadia Moro (HSE, Moscow). Categories in Progress: Johann Friedrich Herbart’s Metaphysico-Psychological Approach to the Transcendental Question
  4. Tatiana Sokolova (Соколова Татьяна Д., RAS, Moscow). “Ultra-Platonic Hypothesis”: The a priori in William Whewell’s Philosophy of Science
  5. Charlotte Morel (CNRS France, via Skype). Lotze’s Debt to Kant Against Naturalism. The Ambiguities of “Epistemological Kantianism” Around 1850
  6. Yuri Chernoskutov (Черноскутов Юрий Ю., СПбГУ, St. Petersburg). From Kant to Frege: Logic Between Epistemology and Ontology
  7. Francesca Biagioli (University of Vienna). Ernst Cassirer’s Transcendental Account of Mathematical Reasoning



19/03/2019: From idealism to scientific psychology: 'opposition' in the philosophy of Johann Friedrich Herbart, conference of the Internationale Herbart-Gesellschaft, University of Jena, Germany

21/11/2018: Johann Friedrich Herbart in Italy. Philosophical realism and functionalist interpretation, Filosofia Italiana-Stiftung, Oldenburg

17/11/2018: Harmony and music in Johann Friedrich Herbart's philosophical psychology, 7th conference "The Making of the Humanities", University of Amsterdam

9/11/2018: Tonal fusion (Tonverschmelzung) in Carl Stumpf's Tonpsychologie, 8th annual conference of the Carl-Stumpf Society, Institute of Philosophy in Prague

31/5/2018: Logic as the organon of knowing from a formal point of view in Johann Friedrich Herbart's philosophy, 13th international conference "Logic Today: Developments and Perspectives", Saint Petersburg State University

21/4/2018: Herbart’s Metaphysico-Psychological Approach to the Kantian Question of the Possibility of Synthetic Judgments a priori, conference "The Transcendental Turn in Contemporary Philosophy - 3: The Nature and Specificity of Transcedental Philosophy", State Academic University for the Humanities (GAUGN) & Russian State University for the Humanities (RGGU) Moscow

7/3/2018: Discussant (with Maria Falikman) of Roger Smith's talk on The cultural politics of the neurosciences. The 1860s in Russia - and now, Medialoft, The Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences, MSSES Moscow

8/12/2017: The formality of logic in Johann Friedrich Herbart's philosophy, HSE English Philosophy Colloquium, HSE Moscow

21/6/2017: Sensation in Hermann von Helmholtz's Physiology, triennial international conference of the Italian Society for Logic and Philosophy of Science (SILFS), University of Bologna

2/6/2017: Experience in J.F. Herbart's Philosophy and Psychology, conference of the North American Society for Early Phenomenology (NASEP), The University of Seattle

28/5/2017: H. von Helmholtz's Physiology Between Mechanics and Philosophy, meeting of the Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science (CSHPS), Toronto Ryerson University

9/5/2017: J.F. Herbart's Critical Realism and Its Relevance to the Development of Analytical Philosophy, conference "Study of the History of Analytic Philosophy", Calgary

17/3/2017: The Philosophical Relevance of Music Studies in the 19th Century, HSE English Philosophy Colloquium, HSE Moscow

28/9/2016: Music and Language in Johann Friedrich Herbart's Psychology, Workshop "Traditionelle Psychologie in Europa, Indien und China", Sigmund Freud Privatuniversität Wien

18/9/2016: (with Eva Oggionni) Is it possible to educate to freedom? Pedagogy and practical philosophy from Kant to Herbart, 50th Congress of the German Society for Psychology, University of Leipzig

18/2/2016: The epistemological function of music in nineteenth-century psychology, Conference "Pensare l'esperienza musicale", Conservatory of Lucca and University of Pisa

9/7/2015: (with Eva Oggionni) Is it possible to educate to freedom? Pedagogy and practical philosophy from Kant to Herbart, Annual Conference of the European Society for the History of the Human Sciences - ESHHS 2015, University of Angers

24/6/2015: Experience and Synthesis from Kant to Herbart. The epistemological role of analysis in philosophical psychology, Seminar Immanuel Kant, University of Milan

26/5/2015: Johann Friedrich Herbart's Pluralism in the Context of German Idealism, conference "Normativity and German Idealism", University of Sussex

11/4/2015: The Constitutive Role of Language in post-Kantian Philosophical Psychology, conference of the British Society for the History of Philosophy, University of York

09/03/2015: Herbart-Lecture: “Gedankenfäden. Logik und Sprache in der Psychologie Johann Friedrich Herbarts, 8. Fachtagung der Internationalen Herbart-Gesellschaft, Karlsruhe

21/10/2014: Tra psicologia, fisiologia ed epistemologia. Helmholtz e il dibattito ottocentesco sulla sensazione [Psychology, physiology, and epistemology. Helmholtz and the 19th century debate on sensation], University of Milan

18/10/2014: Ein “Spiegel für die geistige Thätigkeit”. Language in 19th Century Philosophical Psychology, conference “The Making of the Humanities IV”, Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome

25/07/2014: Reworking Concepts in the “Realm of the Intelligible”. Language and Categories from Herbart’s Psychology to Steinthal’s Völkerpsychologie, Annual Conference of the European Society for the History of the Human Sciences - ESHHS 2014, Oulu (Finland)

25/04/2014: Rhapsodie und Formen ohne Kritik. Kritische Ansätze zur Kategorienlehre zwischen reinem Denken und genetischem Prozess, XXX. Internationaler Hegel-Kongress, Vienna

12/04/2014: “Deep in the Nature of the Sense Substance”. Epistemological and Metaphysical Aspects of Quality in XIX Century Sense Physiology, conference “Understanding Matter. Philosophical Perspectives”, Palermo

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