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Address: 11 Pokrovsky Bulvar, Pokrovka Complex, room G506
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SPIN-RSCI: 6651-7496
ORCID: 0000-0003-3970-3881
ResearcherID: R-2377-2018
Scopus AuthorID: 57201067751
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A. A. Makarov
L. Polishchuk
M. M. Yudkevich
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Natalia Vasilenok

  • Natalia Vasilenok has been at HSE University since 2014.


  • 2019

    HSE University

  • 2017

    Bachelor's in Political Science
    HSE University

  • 2017

    HSE University

Continuing education / Professional retraining / Internships / Study abroad experience

  • XIIIth Russian Summer School on Institutional Analysis (Moscow, 30.06-06.07.2019). The best discussant at RSSIA 2019
  • XIIth Russian Summer School on Institutional Analysis (Moscow, 30.06-06.07.2018). The best presentation at RSSIA 2018. 
  • Course: Spatial Econometrics with Applications in R, September 2017, NRU HSE, Moscow (Istructor: Giuseppe Arbia, Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Rome, Italy)
  • Summer School in Survey Methodology (July 2016): Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, Spain. Course: Bayesian Modelling (Instructor: Xavier Fernandez-i-Marin, ESADE Business School)
  • Summer School on Methods and Techniques (July 2015): European Concortium for Political Research (ECPR), Ljubljana University, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Course: Causal Inference in the Social Sciences (Instructor: Elias Dinas, University of Oxford)


Young Faculty Support Program (Group of Young Academic Professionals)
Category "New Lecturers under 30" (2019)

Courses (2019/2020)

Courses (2018/2019)


  • 2019
    Baltic Connections: Conference in Social Science History (Хельсинки). Presentation: Infant Mortality in Late Imperial Russia: Patterns and Explanations
  • XX Апрельская международная научная конференция по проблемам развития экономики и общества (Москва). Presentation: Diffusion of Cultural Practices and Health: the Case of Saratov Province of Late Russian Empire
  • 2018
    XIX Апрельская международная научная конференция по проблемам развития экономики и общества (Москва). Presentation: Private Investment in Security and Quality of Institutions: Empirical Evidence from Russian Regions
  • The second Ghent Russia colloquium (Гент). Presentation: What Drives the Private Provision of Security: Evidence from Russian Regions
  • 2016
    VII международная конференция «Способы мысли, пути говорения» (Москва). Presentation: Non-territorial Foundations of the Political: Democracy under Overlapping Political Communities


Teaching Assistance

Department of Higher Mathematics, NRU HSE

  • Introduction to R Programming (the courses for the 4th year and the 3d year Bachelor students in Political Science, 2017/2018 year)
  • Categorical Data Analysis (the course for the 3d year Bachelor students in Political Science, 2016/2017 year)
  • Statistical Analysis in Political Science (the course for the 2d year Bachelor students in Political Science, 2015/2016 year)
  • Mathematics and Statistics (the course for the 1st year Bachelor students in Public Administration, 2014/2015 year)

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