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Language Proficiency
Russian gestural
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ORCID: 0000-0003-3091-4965
ResearcherID: N-3525-2018
E. Dragalina-Chernaya
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Elena Pasalskaya

  • Elena Pasalskaya has been at HSE University since 2016.



HSE University

Continuing education / Professional retraining / Internships / Study abroad experience

Young Faculty Support Program (Group of Young Academic Professionals)
Category "New Researchers" (2019)


Preprint Pasalskaya E. Sentential Negation in Russian Sign Language / NRU HSE. Series WP BRP "Linguistics". 2018. No. 65.


  • 2018
    51st Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea (Таллинн). Presentation: Syntactic properties of resultative constructions in Russian Sign Language
  • 2018 Annual Meeting of the Linguistics Association of Great Britain (Шеффилд). Presentation: Influence of non-manual negation on word order in Russian Sign Language
  • Workshop "Negation Across Modalities" (Париж). Presentation: Some aspects of sentential negation in Russian Sign Language
  • 2017
    Neglected Aspects of Motion-Event Description (Париж). Presentation: Motion events in Russian Sign Language


Lena Pasalskaya together with Jeremy Kuhn gave a talk at Sinn und Bedeutung 24

On 6 September, research assistant of the International Laboratory for Logic, Linguistics and Formal Philosophy presented a project in a colloboration with research fellow from Institut Jean Nicod.

Natalia Zevakhina and Elena Pasalskaya participated in the summer school

The researchers of the Laboratory took part in the Summer Neurolinguistics School 2019 and presented results of their project at the poster session

Natalia Zevakhina and Elena Pasalskaya made a presentation on the international conference on experimental pragmatics

The members of the International Laboratory for Logic, Linguistics and Formal Philosophy, Natalia Zevakhina and Elena Pasalskaya, made a poster presentation on the conference in Edinburgh.

Lena Pasalskaya Took Part in the Work of Project Group on Sign Languages in the Institut Jean Nicod

Lena Pasalskaya made a report on the workshop, organized by the Institut Jean Nicod

Natalia Zevakhina and Elena Pasalskaya Participated in the Conference in Tallinn

The Laboratory staff participated in the poster session at the international conference on linguistics.

Elena Pasalskaya Took Part in the Summer School of Sign Language Linguistics

Research Assistant of International Laboratory for Logic, Linguistics and Formal Philosophy spent a week on Lake Como listening to lectures of foreign professors.