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Address: 11 Pokrovsky Bulvar, Pokrovka Complex, room S924
D. Derkach
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Saraa (Tharaa) Ali

  • Saraa (Tharaa) Ali has been at HSE University since 2021.


Working on methods and algorithms for building personal learning trajectories, from Bayesian Knowledge Tracing (BKT) up to modern machine learning approaches in Personalized adaptive learning systems.


  • 2021

    Moscow State Technological University ‘Stankin’

  • 2018

    Tishreen University

Postgraduate Studies

3rd year of study
Approved topic of thesis: Efficient parameterizations for training and finetuning GANs in the domain of image and audio
Academic Supervisor: Derkach, Denis

Employment history

2021 - Research assistant at the International Laboratory of Intelligent Systems and Structural Analysis.

04.2022 — 09.2022 - Research assistant: - Institute of Information Transmission Problems, Moscow.

09.2020 — 09.2021 - Teacher assistant: - Moscow State Technological University 'Stankin', Moscow.

03.2020 — 04.2020 - Robotics Engineer: - Evolvector company Educational solutions in the field of electronics and robotics.

02.2014 — 10.2018 - Coach, lecturer, and a Judge: - ACM-ICPC International Collegiate Programming Contest, https://icpc.global/ICPCID/E8HPGHUMH5ZS .

02.2018 — 04.2018 - Trainer in Annual Robot Competition (ARC): Syrian Computer Society (SCS).

I Believe That at HSE University, You Can Grow Bigger

Tharaa Ali, 1st-year PhD student, told us about her life in Russia, IT education, and her research