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Language Proficiency
+7(495) 772-95 90
Address: Moscow, Shabolovka 26, b.3, r. 3116-b; Email: asirchenko [at] hse [dot] ru
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SPIN-RSCI: 7423-2075
ORCID: 0000-0003-0567-4170
ResearcherID: J-7608-2015
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Working hours
Thursdays 15.10 - 16.10
S. M. Yakovlev
S. B. Avdasheva
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Andrei Sirchenko

  • Andrei Sirchenko has been at HSE since 2008.

Education and Degrees

  • 2012

    European University Institute in Florence
    Thesis Title: A Discrete-Choice Econometrician’s Tale of Monetary Policy Identification and Predictability

  • 2002

    Master in Economics
    University of Iowa, Iowa City, Department of Economics

  • 1994

    Master in Biophysics
    Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Department of Physical and Chemical Biology

  • 1992

    Bachelor in Applied Physics and Mathematics
    Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Department of Physical and Chemical Biology

Research interests

Econometrics (methodology and applications)

Student Term / Thesis Papers

Full list of of student term / thesis papers

Courses (2017/2018)

Courses (2016/2017)

Courses (2015/2016)

Courses (2014/2015)

Courses (2013/2014)

Courses (2012/2013)

Econometrics I (Master’s programme; International College of Economics and Finance; programme "Financial Economics"; 1 year, 1, 2 semester)Eng


  • Research Grant (€4,600) from National Bank of Poland, 2011
  • Fellowship from European University Institute, 2011 - 12
  • Research Grant ($10,300) from Global Development Network, 2010
  • Paderewski Research Grant (€2,000) from Natolin European Centre, 2009
  • Global Supplementary Grant ($9,000) from Open Society Foundations, 2008 - 11
  • PECO Fellowship from Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2008 - 11
  • Research Grant ($11,000) from Global Development Network, 2006
  • Tuition Scholarship from University of Iowa, 2000 - 02
  • High-GPA Scholarship from Moscow Institute of Physics & Technology, 1986 - 87, 89 - 94


Please refer to my personal web page at www.sirchenko.info

Presentations at conferences and seminars


          NBER-NSF Time Series Conference, Vienna, Austria
          11th World Congress of the Econometric Society, Montreal, Canada
          8th Nordic Econometric Meeting, Helsinki, Finland
          University of South Florida, Tampa, USA
          New Economic School, Moscow, Russia              


          NES/HSE International Conference on Modern Econometric Tools and Applications, N. Novgorod, Russia
          Bank of Portugal Conference on Econometric Methods for Banking and Finance, Lisbon, Portugal
          29th Annual Congress of the European Economic Association, Toulouse, France
          Econometric Society Australasian Meeting, Hobart, Australia
          University of Melbourne, Australia                             
          1st Annual Conference of the International Association for Applied Econometrics, London, UK
          15th HSE Conference on Economic and Social Development (as discussant), Moscow, Russia


           DIW Macroeconometric Workshop, Berlin, Germany
           IWH Workshop on Central Bank Communication and Decision Making, Halle (Saale), Germany
           MGIMO Conference on Econometric Methods in Analysis of Global Economic Processes, Moscow, Russia
           New Economic School, Moscow, Russia
           ENSAI, Rennes, France
           THEMA, University of Cergy-Pontoise, France
           Kyiv School of Economics, Kyiv, Ukraine
           Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia


          37th Symposium of Spanish Economic Association, Vigo, Spain 
          66th European Meeting of the Econometric Society, Málaga, Spain 
          32nd EERC Workshop, Odessa, Ukraine 
          12th Doctoral Workshop in Economic Theory and Econometrics (MOOD), Rome, Italy 
          3rd Bank of Italy International Conference on Developments in Macroeconomic Modeling and Econometric    Assessment of Structural Policies in memory of Carlo Giannini, Rome, Italy
          European University Institute, Florence, Italy
          National Bank of Poland, Warsaw, Poland
          University of Bologna, Italy
          New Economic School, Moscow, Russia         


          22nd (EC)2 Conference on Econometrics for Policy Analysis, Florence, Italy 
          26th Annual Congress of the European Economic Association, Oslo, Norway 
          52nd Annual Conference of the IEA, Rome, Italy 
          30th EERC Workshop, Kyiv, Ukraine 
          29th SUERF Colloquium on New Paradigms in Money and Finance, Brussels, Belgium


          DNB/ECB/RUG Conference on Monetary Policy & Central Bank Communication, Amsterdam, Netherlands
          6th ECB Central Banking Conference, Frankfurt am Main, Germany (invited to attend) 
          5th Warsaw International Economic Meeting, Warsaw, Poland 
          28th EERC Workshop, Lviv, Ukraine
          National Bank of Poland, Warsaw, Poland


          3rd Italian Congress of Econometrics and Empirical Economics, Ancona, Italy 
          OEI/APB Conference on Monetary Policy in Central and Eastern Europe, Tutzing, Germany 


          3rd Warsaw International Economic Meeting, Warsaw, Poland 
          4th CIRANO Workshop on Macroeconomic Forecasting, Analysis & Policy with Data Revision, Montreal, Canada 
          24th EERC Workshop, Odessa, Ukraine 
          21st AABS Conference, Bloomington, USA
          Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia        
          National Bank of Poland, Warsaw, Poland               


          13th Spring Meeting of Young Economists, Lille, France 
          21st EERC Workshop, Moscow, Russia 
          22nd EERC Workshop, Kyiv, Ukraine


           Bank of Finland, Helsinki, Finland
           National Bank of Poland, Warsaw, Poland        


          Central Bank of Hungary, Budapest, Hungary
          19th EERC Workshop, Moscow, Russia 
          18th EERC Workshop, Kyiv, Ukraine 

           17th EERC Workshop, Moscow, Russia

Employment history


  • Teaching Assistant, Time Series Econometrics (PhD), European University Institute, Italy, 2010
  • Visiting Instructor, Statistics and Econometrics (undergraduate), International College of Economics and Finance at Higher School of Economics, Russia, 2008
  • Visiting Lecturer, 34 intensive short courses in Econometrics and Game Theory (undergraduate and graduate) at 25 universities in Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia and Armenia, 2005 - 08
  • Visiting Researcher, Central Bank of Hungary, Research Division, Budapest, Hungary, 2004 - 05
  • Visiting Lecturer, Statistics and Econometrics (graduate), Categorical Dependent Variables (graduate), Kyiv School of Economics, Ukraine, 2004
  • C. Mirzayan Science & Technology Policy Graduate Fellow, US National Academy of Sciences, Committee on National Statistics, Washington, DC, USA, 2003
  • Ph.D. Intern, Central Bank of Turkey, Research Department, Ankara, Turkey, 2003
  • Teaching Assistant, Statistics for Business Strategy (undergraduate) - 4 semesters, Principles of Microeconomics (undergraduate) - 2 semesters, University of Iowa, Iowa City, USA, 2000 - 03      
  • Ph.D. Intern, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Research Department, Dallas, USA, 2002
  • Graduate Research Fellow, Shemyakin-Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia, 1992 - 94


  • Econometric Consultant, TechnoNICOL Corp., Moscow, Russia, 2011 - 2012
  • Statistical Consultant, Ed’s job list®, San Diego, USA, 2011


  • Founder and President, Taurus Ltd., Moscow, Novosibirsk, Russia, 1996 - 99
  • Chief of Development Department, Christabel Ltd., Moscow, Russia, 1994 - 96
  • Sales Representative (part-time), Christabel Ltd., Moscow, Russia, 1993 - 94
  • Entrepreneur (self-employed), Moscow, Russia, 1991 - 93


  • Sergeant, commander of radar squad
  • Sailor, radar operator

Mandatory military service, USSR Navy, North Fleet, Barents Sea, 1987 - 89

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