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Language Proficiency
Address: 11 Pokrovsky Bulvar, Pokrovka Complex, room D603
Office hours
09:30 a.m. - 06:30 p.m.
Y. Grinkevich
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Ekaterina Sukhanova

  • Ekaterina Sukhanova has been at HSE University since 2013.


  • Supervising the International Faculty Support Centre;
  • Administrative support of the host departments concerning the international hiring processes and other activities referring to internationally recruited faculty;
  • Organizing events aimed at fostering successful integration of internationally recruited faculty into the University community both professionally and culturally;
  • Monitoring and analyzing the difficulties in international hiring procedures and the programme "Digital Professors", working out on their solutions;
  • Maintaining and developing English-language information channels targeted at internationally recruited faculty, their coordinators, and department engaging staff through Digital Professors programme.



Moscow State Pedagogical University


  • Article Суханова Е. Л. Прозрение // Пашня. 2023. № Май
  • Book Суханова Е. Л., Тушнова О., Каракашьян К., Данилова А., Диданова Ю., Бурковская Н., Ломакина И., Ди Ж., Горгоц О., Бутусова С., Шахматова А., Долганова Е., Гузова О., Данилкина И., Мельник О., Чак Э., Каган Е., Турбан А. Все на маёвку. Издательские решения. Ридеро, 2021.

Continuing Education

Professional retraining

2020 - Master of Laws in Labour Law

Continuing Education

2023 - Course on Intrepreneurship

2022 - Forum on Teambuilding "Team №1"

2020 - Course on Occupational Safety

2018 - Course on Effective Emailing

2014 - Course on oral interpretation skills

2011 - Course on English professional communication


2022 - Course on Autofiction

2022 - Course on Creative Writing (Advanced)

2022 - Course on Book Production

2022 - Course on Financial Literacy and Investment

2021 - Course on Creative Writing 'Textura'

2018 - Course on Microsoft Access. Level 1

2017 - Course on Microsoft Excel. Level 2

2016 - Course on Creating Writing

2016 - Course on Adobe Photoshop СС/CS6 for MAC и PC. Level 1. Raster graphics

2014 - Course on Microsoft PowerPoint 2013/2010. Level 1. Effective business presentations

2013 - Workshop "Tables in MS Excel 2010: from A to Z"

2013 - Workshop "Official papers MS Word 2007/2010"