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Procedure for Appealing the Results of State Final Certifications

The procedure for appealing the results of SFCs is regulated by the ‘Regulations for Final State Certification of Students of Bachelor’s, Specialist and Master’s Level Programmes at National Research University Higher School of Economics’.

Students are entitled to appeal the results of state examinations.

Appeals committees (ACs), which operate throughout the calendar year, shall be established to handle appeals for SFC results.

Grounds for Appellation

Students are entitled to submit appeals to the AC in the form of a motivated application made in writing. An appeal may be submitted based on the following grounds:


(according to the student)



Violation of established procedure



Disagreement with SFC results



Procedure for appeal submissions and consideration




AC members

AC secretary

Submitting the appeal

No later than the next working day after the announcement of the FSC results


Personally accepts the students’ appeal and presents it to the AC

Considering the appeal


No later than two working days after a statement of appeal is filed


Information on the decision



Students filing appeals shall be advised of the AC’s decisions by its secretary, including via student corporate e-mail and LMS

An appeal shall be considered at the AC meeting to which the local SCB chairperson (or deputy chairperson) and the student filing the appeal are invited.

Upon consideration of an appeal statement, the AC shall make one of the following decisions:

  • to reject the appeal if the committee does not find confirmation of the details stated therein, and (or) if these facts did not generate any effect on the results of the state examination;
  • to allow the appeal if the details stated therein are proved to be true and thus influenced the results of the state examination.

If the appeal is allowed, the results of the state examination shall be cancelled.

Appeal due to procedural violation during an examination or thesis defense:

Appeal due to disagreement with the results of FSC:

Will be REJECTED if the details stated have not been confirmed and (or) did not produce any effect on the examination results

If REJECTED, the examination result stays the same

If ALLOWED, there are the following two options:

If ALLOWED, the result is canceled and AC appoints and thereby conducts the retake

Written exam:
AC chairperson may grant a new grade without a retake of the examination

Oral exam and thesis defense:
AC appoints and thereby conducts the retake

Oral exam and thesis defense:
AC appoints and thereby conducts the retake


AC decisions are final and cannot be revised.

Students may not appeal repeated state examinations.


If an appeal is approved, the involved student shall have the opportunity to take the state examination within the period determined by his/her degree programme, but no later than the final date of studies defined in the calendar for the current academic year.

If a student appeals a written exam, and the nature of the assignments and answers provided in writing makes it possible for the AC to issue a new grade based on the results of the appeal without a retake of the state examination, the student shall not retake the exam. A new grade shall be stated in the minutes of the new SCB, signed by the authorized representative of the AC. The AC chairperson shall decide on whether or not the student may receive a new grade without retaking the examination.


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