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Grounds and Procedures for Leaves of Absence

On the basis of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation order ‘On the procedure and grounds for leaves of absence for students’, No. 455, issued on June 13, 2013, a leave of absence is defined as a leave provided for students due to medical reasons, family reasons or in other exceptional cases (natural disasters, etc.).

A leave of absence may not exceed two years. Maternity and child-care leaves are covered by other regulations.

Grounds for leaves of absence

  • Medical reasons: personal application by the student and an opinion of a clinical expert committee issued by a state or local healthcare institution treating the student, including the student clinic;
  • Call to military duty: personal application by the student and a military subpoena indicating the time and place of departure to the location of military service;
  • Other exceptional cases (natural disasters, family reasons etc.): personal application by the student and an appropriate document confirming the grounds for the leave of absence.

The decision to grant a leave of absence for a student is made by the head of the educational department.

Reinstatement after a leave of absence

Reinstatement takes place in accordance with the Procedures and Conditions for Reinstating Students Who Were Dismissed on the Initiative of HSE University or Other Grounds, and the Procedures for Re-admitting Students to Study after Academic Leave, Maternity Leave, Parental Leave, or Childcare Leave

  1. The student brings a written application addressed to the HSE rector to the faculty study office with a request to admit them to the study process, indicating the date (a medical certificate is required if the leave was provided for medical reasons).
  2. The study office prepares an individual curriculum within 3 working days after the student’s application, and coordinates it with the student.
  3. This special individual curriculum includes courses from the curriculum of the year of study in which the student is being reinstated, as well as subjects missed by the student.
  4. If the student is reinstated at the beginning of the academic year and there is no difference in curricula, then his or her special individual curriculum is the same as the general one in this year.
  5. If the student being reinstated has failed assignments/courses, these subjects (parts of subjects) are compulsorily included in his or her individual curriculum for repeated study in full volume (in the volume of the part of subject).
  6. If the student, before leaving, completed a course but did not pass the interim or final assessment, or did not use his or her right for two repeated examinations in the event of failed assignment, he or she is admitted to a repeat assessment after reinstatement during the next repeated examination period after the reinstatement.
  7. The student is admitted to studies the day following the date the order on reinstatement is issued.
  8. Students who are reinstated before the appointed time are admitted to studies:
    • In case of leave for medical reasons – starting from the date indicated in the medical certificate;
    • In case of leave for exceptional reasons – starting from the date of application on early reinstatement to the study office.
  9. For students on state-funded (free) education, the study office prepares the order on reinstatement within three working days.
  10. For reinstatement of fee-paying students:
    • Tuition fees are calculated based on the individual curriculum, and a contract/additional agreement is signed.
    • The vice rector responsible for student affairs makes a decision on the request for reinstatement based on the student’s application approved by the head of the educational department, indicating the date of reinstatement, and the tuition contract/additional agreement.
    • The study office of the educational department notifies the student on the decision personally or via email.
    • After the payment on the tuition contract/ additional agreement, the study office prepares an order on reinstatement within three working days.

Students who are granted leaves of absence can maintain the right for deferment from military service provided by the Federal Law on Military Duty and Military Service, No. 53FZ, issued on March 28, 1998, if the total period of deferment due to educational reasons does not increase, or increases for a year or less. This means that leaves of absence may not exceed a cumulative total of 12 months.


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