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Preparing for and taking an examination with proctoring (instruction for students)

Urgent assistance on technical issues related to exams with proctoring is provided by the support service of eLearning Office: elearn@hse.ru 

  • Before the Examination

    1. Make sure you have access to appropriate e-learning technologies for taking examinations

     If you do not have appropriate technological options to take exams, immediately contact the Programme Office of your degree programme

     What to do if you do not have access to appropriate technologies to take part in online examinations

    2. Computer check

     Make sure to check your computer settings here

     Should the computer check fail:

    • ask how you can solve the problem (with a clear description of what exactly is not working/happening) by emailing at: elearn@hse.ru and help@examus.net
    3. Read the Guidelines and Rules for holding examinations

     The Guidelines and Rules for holding examinations may be viewed:  

    • here;
    • in a course syllabus/additional rules for holding state examinations and appeals, as posted on respective degree programmes’ webpages (applicable to state examinations) 
    4. Take a mock test (if applicable)

     The link to a mock test will be sent by a teacher

    5. Run a second computer check

     It is crucial to check your computer settings again at least 24 hours before the examination via here (via Entrance Examination)

     The system can be accessed only via login and password set for a corporate email account

     After the first login, it is recommended to change a password

    6. Make sure you have necessary equipment and your passport at the start of the examination

     During the examination, you need to display the original of your passport. Make sure you have it close at hand.

     If you do not have it, immediately inform the Programme Office of your degree programme about this.

     The answer to the question “Why do I need to display my passport?” can be found here

  • During the Examination

    1. Prepare your room and equipment

     The room shall be well-lit. If you the exam takes place in the evening, switch the light on in the room.

     Clear your desk of unauthorized items (including sheets of paper, earphones, a telephone, etc.)

     Make sure you only have the following on your desk:

    • passport original; 
    • a bottle of water;
    •  those items which you are allowed to have according to the rules for holding exams (clean sheets of paper in the A4 format to use for preparing your answers, a calculator, etc.) 
    2. Follow the link to start the examination

     Follow the link https://hse.student.examus.net and log on via the Entrance Examination button

     Access to your examination will appear in the home window in 5 to 10 minutes before the start of the examination

     It is recommended not to access the system too early; if you log on early, you will see the following notice: “Your examination has not yet started, or you have no scheduled examinations”.

     If you experience any difficulties or disruptions at the start of the examinations, please note that you can only start on the examination during the first 30 minutes. After this period, you automatically forfeit the option to start the examination in the system.

    3. Confirm that you agree with the rules for holding examinations

     You must confirm your consent to the rules for online testing (tick boxes as appropriate)

    4. Prove your identity

     To verify your identity, display the passport in front of the camera, make a photo and press “Send”

    5. Show your room and desk to the Proctor

     This is required so that the Proctor can make sure that there are no other people in the room, who may give you information or prompts to help you pass the test, and that the desk is clear of all restricted materials and cheat sheets.

     For this, take a webcam or a laptop in your hands, move them around your room to show your room and desk and then put the webcam back so that you are visible in the window on the Examus proctoring panel down to your upper chest

     If you have a built-in webcam (i.e., a webcam is not detachable), use your mobile phone to make a photo of your desk and show this photo in front of the camera. After this, you must remove the phone from the desk.

     If you are allowed to use sheets of paper for preparing your answers, before the exam starts, display both sides of these sheets of paper in front of the camera (sheets may be held together in a hand like a fan). After this last check, the examination may begin. 

    6. Check if you are properly positioned in front of the camera

    7. Start on the exam assignment

     Press “Start the test”. The exam timer will immediately start counting down.

     All previous actions are not included in the time allocated for completing the test.

     To check how much time you have left before the end of the examination, look at the timer in the left corner of the screen. Use the navigation panel to go back or forward to previous/next test questions.

    9. End the test in the Examus system

     When answers have been sent out, close the Examus tab in the browser (by pressing the cross icon in the upper right corner of the screen)  and go to: https://o7x.examus.net/logout 

     All input answers are saved even if the testing time has run out and the examinee has not pressed “Send All and End the Test”


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