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Final State Certification for Students with Disabilities

According to Section 6 of the Regulations on Final State Certification of Students of Bachelor’s, Specialist and Master’s Programmes at National Research University Higher School of Economics, approved by HSE Directive № 6.18.1-01/2004-08, dated April 20, 2017,

The Final State Certification process is coordinated with due consideration of a student’s mental and physical conditions, abilities and overall health condition (hereinafter, “special needs”).

A student with a disability must notify the Programme Office about the required special conditions in writing at least 3 months before the starting date of the Final State Certification process. The application should be followed by a medical record confirming the student’s state of health requiring such arrangements (if such documents are not included in the student’s personal file).

In the application, a student should specify his/her requirement for:

  • assistance during Final State Certification;
  • extension of the examination’s duration (separately for each exam).

The Programme Coordinator shall then decide on approving the request on the basis of the documents provided.

The Programme’s academic supervisor then decides on the format of the examination depending on the medical condition of the student with a disability – e.g., educational aids (including proper equipment and software) for visually or hearing impaired students, students with speech or musculoskeletal disorders, etc;

The academic supervisor shall ensure that, during the Final State Certification process, such requirements are met:

  • students with disabilities take the examination with other students if this does not cause difficulties;
  • students with disabilities may receive assistance with taking their seat, moving around, reading the task and filling in the form, communicating with state examination board;
  • students with disabilities may use special equipment with due consideration of their special needs;
  • Final State Certification shall be conducted in easily accessible and specially equipped buildings and classrooms (with such features as wheelchair ramps, handrails, expanded doorways, elevators or first-floor classrooms, specialized chairs, etc,).

The duration of an examination can be extended upon a student’s request.


 Form of Examination


Written examination

90 minutes max.

Preparation of answers during the oral examination

20 minutes max.

Thesis defence

15 minutes max.


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