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Studies under a Portion of a Degree Programme

HSE University’s students, as well as people who are not learners at the University, including persons from other academic institutions, are entitled to take an individual element/individual elements (a course or another element) from HSE University’s curriculum (hereinafter, a “curriculum element”).

What do I need to do?

The option to study under a portion of a degree programme is available on a fee-paying basis.

To this end, you must file an application for admission to studies under a portion of a degree programme and specify the curriculum elements selected for study (or a single curriculum element).

Who may use this service?

Normally, this service is used by:

1. External clients:

  • for obtaining new knowledge, carrying out their professional activities, or starting a new career;
  • for boosting one’s competitiveness on the job market;
  • for enhancing one’s qualifications;
  • for expanding one’s intellectual horizons.

2. HSE University students:

  • if a student wishes to take curriculum elements from other degree programmes in addition to the curriculum of his/her degree programme, without including the former in his/her individual curriculum;   
  • when planning an intra-HSE transfer to study under a different degree programme at the University (transfer of students shall be implemented at HSE University  as per____);
  • if a student needs to write a thesis for subsequent reinstatement to the University in order to repeat final state certification (hereinafter, the “FSC”).


HSE University students, upon signing respective agreements, shall not be enrolled in a degree programme, whose curriculum elements they wish to study, as its students. 

When being admitted to studies under a portion of a programme, a party external to HSE University shall not gain the status as its student/ learner, and thus he/she will not be provided with a dorm space, a student ID card, nor shall he/she receive scholarships or other social benefits, etc.

Procedures for the Programme Office’s staff after an initiator files an application

  1. Development of an individual curriculum (only when writing a thesis, if subsequent reinstatement to HSE University is planned in order to repeat the FSC process);
  2. Calculation of the tuition for specific curriculum element(s), as selected by the applicants  – (refer to: Procedures for Calculating Tuition Fees Payable by Students in Bachelor’s, Specialist and Master’s Programmes at HSE University with Modified Educational Trajectories or a Tuition Discount Revoked);   
  3. Signing an agreement for studies under a portion of a degree programme;
  4. Upon fulfilment of the financial obligations under the educational agreement, a directive on admission to studies under the specified portion of a degree programme shall be issued;
  5. Applicants shall be advised about their timetable and the place(s), where classes will be held;
  6. Issue of an ID badge;
  7. Upon completion of studies under the curriculum element(s), as specified in the agreement, a directive for the completion of studies under a portion of the degree programme shall be issued;
  8. Issue of a certificate of attendance, stating his/her learning outcomes.


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