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What to do if a student does not have access to relevant technologies to take part in examinations?

Recommendations on relevant procedures

Information about technical requirements

No later than two weeks before the start of the examination period, teachers shall inform students, along with a degree programme’s manager/department’s manager* about technical requirements for sitting an exam

*if a course that includes an examination is from among the University-wide or faculty pool of courses (i.e., a minor, MAGOLEGO, BACOLEGO, the FH Minor, etc.) 

Student survey about access to relevant e-learning technologies

After receiving information from teachers about technical requirements, a degree programme’s manager/department’s manager shall inquire of students about their available technological capabilities for taking examinations 

If students do not have access to relevant technologies to sit a proctored exam

Should, as on the moment of the survey, a student does not have access to appropriate e-learning technologies to take part in an exam/all exams included in the examination period, he/she must inform their Programme Office about this within 1 (one) working day from the moment they receive a respective inquiry from the Programme Office. A student notifies about his/her technological feasibility or unfeasibility to sit an exam by way of answering the inquiry

If a student does not have a technological option to take part in an exam, he/she shall substantiate in detail his/her inability to take part in an exam, with all relevant grounds specified

A student’s answer as to his/her inability to sit an exam due to technological restrictions is deemed a substantiated application which will be subsequently reviewed for the purpose of making a relevant decision

A decision by the Academic Supervisor

Based on the survey results, the programme’s Academic Supervisor shall review student applications, gauge the grounds specified by them and propose solutions as to subsequent trajectories of such applicants.

These solutions shall be developed no later than 5 (five) working days before the start of the examination period. Programme managers shall then notify students of the proposed solutions.

If a student has stated his/her inability to take part in only one examination, the Academic Supervisor may refuse to reschedule it for a later date.

When a student’s technical limitations are confirmed

Solutions from degree programmes for students who do not have access to relevant e-learning technologies to take exams may include the following:

  • Granting an academic leave (recommended if a student does not have technical options to take all (most) scheduled exams). Remaining elements of assessment can be scheduled for the nearest retake period after the end of the academic leave (please see Procedures and Grounds for a Student’s Exceptional Leave of Absence).
  • Rescheduling the examination(s) for Module 1 in the 2020-2021 academic year (for autumn retake period) on the basis of a valid excuse. When giving his/her consent to this solution, a student shall bear the responsibility for a possible impact of not having interim results for a course (courses) included in his/her curriculum implemented in the 2019-2020 academic year (e.g., payment of scholarships, deferral of the receipt of a tuition fee discount, an option to apply for the transfer to a government-funded place, etc.)  
  • Other solutions, as decided by the Academic Supervisor.

A student’s decision

A student must make a decision in regard to the received proposal and inform the programme manager about it by replying to the latter’s message from a student’s corporate e-mail, within two working days after the receipt of the letter with the proposed solution.

A letter containing the consent to the solution put forward by the academic supervisor is deemed an application, which shall be duly processed by the programme manager, who, after receiving the letter, shall formalize the student decision as per the established procedure.


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