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Transfer to HSE from Other Russian Educational Institutions

If you are interested in transferring to HSE, please note that:

  • Students may only transfer to HSE if they are officially enrolled in a degree programme when filing their application for transfer;
  • Students may only transfer to HSE’s education programmes in December and June of the effective academic year if vacant places for transfer are available under the target programme
  • Information regarding an extra (third) period of transfer, the dates for filing an application for transfer, and the total number of vacant state-funded and fee-paying places (hereinafter, “vacant places for transfer”) is published on the websites of HSE’s target degree programmes.

  • Decisions on the transfer of students to vacant places shall be made on the basis of a conclusion drawn by the Evaluation Committee, or the respective Programme Coordinator if the latter is authorized to make such decisions by HSE bylaws.

  • If the total number of submitted applications for transfer exceeds the available number of vacant places, the given education programme will carry out a competitive selection among students applying for the transfer.

  • If no vacant state-funded places for transfer are available, a student may only be transferred to a vacant fee-paying place (if available). If there are no vacant places for transfer of any kind, the student cannot be transferred to HSE.

  • First-year students may only transfer to HSE after completing an initial interim assessment at their home institution.

Procedure for student transfers to HSE from other educational institutions

Make sure that vacant places for transfer are available

Please make sure that vacant places for transfer are available in the given year of study in your target programme. Relevant information must be published before the start of the transfer period (no later than December 1 and June 1, respective) on the website of each respective programme in the “Students and Vacant Places” (Число студентов и вакантные места) section.

Receive your academic certificate

Receive your academic certificate at the moment of transfer at your home institution (this certificate should be issued within 5 working days after an application is submitted).

Submit a request for transfer

Submit a request for transfer using the online Front Office service for applicants (Please note! The date for submitting a request is not regarded as the application date. Requests are reviewed within 3 working days).

When using the Front Office service, please fill in the online form and attach copies of the following documents for technical review:

  • your ID;
  • an academic certificate (a certificate issued by your home institution must include information on all courses and details of the curriculum, as well as the grades and credits earned). This certificate must be printed on the official letterhead of the given educational institution and must be fixed by the signature of the responsible person and the institution’s seal. You may also submit other documents indicating your academic performance (e.g., a gradebook, etc.);
  • a certificate of education upon which you were admitted to your home institution;
  • a degree certificate/diploma (for students planning to transfer to a Master’s programme); a degree certificate/diploma or vocational education certificate (for students planning to transfer to a Bachelor’s programme designed for persons who have a degree certificate/vocational education certificate);
  • a certificate of recognition of academic credentials if a degree certificate/diploma was issued by a foreign educational institution*
  • а certificate that confirms your state-funded tuition at your home institution if you are planning to transfer to a vacant state-funded place.

*This certificate is not required in the following cases: if a degree certificate/diploma has been issued pursuant to Part 3 of Article 107 of Federal Law No. 273-FZ; in cases when international degree certificates/diplomas, which do not comply with the requirements of Part 3 of Article 107 of Federal Law No. 273-FZ, may be independently recognized by HSE; if a student submits a certificate pursuant to Article 6 of Federal Law No. 84-FZ, ‘On Special Legal Aspects in the Sphere of Education Due to the Accession of the Republic of Crimea to the Russian Federation and Establishment of New Russian Constituent Bodies - the Republic of Crimea and the Federal City of Sevastopol, as well as On Amendments to the Federal Law “On Education in the Russian Federation”’, dated May 5, 2014 

Fill in and sign an application

If your request has been approved, please fill in and submit an Application to the Programme Office of your target HSE degree programme (you may submit it via e-mail).

Assessment deadlines and procedures

Wait for information about the assessment deadlines and procedures from the Programme Coordinator.

The assessment schedule, if applicable, including the date, place and procedure of the assessment, as well as the date when the results will be announced, shall be published on HSE’s official website in a special section no later than 3 calendar days before the commencement of the assessment. Students participating in assessments will be informed about all details via the contacts indicated in their transfer application. Before the start of an assessment, a student may look through the programme of the Individual Curriculum (if this is possible under the assessment terms).

Pass assessments

If any.

Receive feedback

Receive feedback from the Programme Coordinator with respect to the decision on final admission based on the assessment results (including the year of study (module), vacant place for transfer, and a draft of the Individual Curriculum).

Inform of your final decision

Decide as to whether to proceed with the transfer or withdraw your application.

Inform the Programme Coordinator of your final decision.

If a positive decision is taken, approve the draft of your Individual Curriculum, which was sent by the Programme Coordinator. You should also receive a transfer certificate from the Programme Office (confirming the approval of the relevant HSE programme for the transfer and presenting a list of courses that may be transferred, if any).

Submit an application for dismissal due to transfer to HSE

Submit an application for dismissal due to transfer to HSE, along with a confirmation of transfer, to your home institution (this directive shall be issued within 3 working days from the application date).

You may submit an application addressed to the dean of the relevant HSE faculty with a request to allow you to attend classes while the directive on your transfer is still being processed (the application may be approved).

Submit the confirmation of your dismissal from your home institution

Submit the confirmation of your dismissal from your home institution to the relevant Programme Office at HSE (this confirmation must be issued by your home institution within 3 working days after the issue of the directive on your dismissal).

Sign your documents

Sign your pre-approved Individual Curriculum.

Sign an educational services agreement and pay your tuition fee (this only concerns students transferring to vacant fee-paying places).

Wait the directive and begin your studies

Wait until the directive on your transfer to the HSE programme from another educational institution is issued.

The directive shall be issued within 3 working days after the Individual Curriculum signed by you is submitted to the Programme Office (with respect to a transfer to a vacant state-funded place) or after you pay the tuition fee as per the relevant educational services agreement.

Start your studies.

Further information

For further information in regards to the working curricula in all fields offered at HSE, as well as any vacant places available for admission via transfer, please visit the websites of HSE degree programmes on the University’s official website (portal). 


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