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Student Transfer to a Different Degree Programme/Campus

Transfer from one degree programme to another (with studies under a single programme)

Transfer from one degree programme to another

For studies under one degree programme (hereinafter, a “DP”), a student may transfer from one DP to another, while being at the same time dismissed from the DP, under which the transferring student was initially studying.

May I transfer from one degree programme to another within HSE University while in Year 1?

A transfer of a first-year Bachelor’s student is possible only after Module 2’s examination period (this restriction does not apply to first-year Master’s students) and within the timeframe set by the given degree programme in regards to student transfers. The relevant dates shall be published on websites of each degree programme in the “Number of Students and Vacant Spots” section.

Who decides on transfers?

A student’s preparedness for transfer to a certain degree programme shall be determined by the degree programme’s evaluation committee, whose membership and working schedule shall be approved by the faculty’s dean for one academic year; or by the degree programme’s manager in those instances established in the Regulations for Evaluation Committees of Higher Education Programmes and Evaluation Procedures at HSE University. The decision on transfers shall be made by the Vice Rector in charge of academic affairs.

What factors are important in deciding on a transfer?

A key prerequisite for a student’s transfer is his/her preparedness for studying under a specific degree programme and previous academic performance, as well as the availability of vacant government-funded and fee-based spots for transfer, which shall be respectively determined by degree programmes and will be published at least two times a year on the website of each degree programme, in the “Number of Students and Vacant Spots” section. When making a decision to transfer a student to a vacant government-funded spot, an obligatory condition must be considered: the total duration of government-funded studies should not exceed the period set for studies in the degree programme’s own curriculum, for over one academic year.

Must a student be transferred to a government-funded spot, if they are studying in a government-funded place?

A transfer to a government-funded place is possible if a vacant spot is available under the programme, where the student wishes to transfer, and the total duration of studies under a new degree programme and duration of studies at HSE University as at the date of admission does not go beyond the standard duration of studies under the programme for over a year. Furthermore, the transfer depends on the current competition situation and the availability of the transfer spot after the end of the competition.
Otherwise, subject to passing respective evaluation tests, you may be offered to transfer to a vacant fee-paying spot (if available). A transfer to a vacant fee-paying place will be absolutely impossible if a student has failed in up to two courses, which are considered core to the programme where he/she wishes to transfer.

What courses may be transferred towards a degree programmes to which I wish to transfer?

The results of courses that have the same title and credit value, or that are similar in terms of content, may be transferred. The option for credit transfer shall be determined by a respective evaluation committee.

  • What do I need to do to transfer to a different degree programme?

    1. Make sure that the transfer period and vacant spots are available

     This information shall be published close to the transfer period (no later than December 1 and June 1, respectively) on degree programmes’ respective websites, in the “Number of Students and Vacant Spots” section

    2.Submit a request for transfer

     You may file a request for a transfer via the “Перевод” module in your LMS personal account, during the period for lodging such requests, as set by the respective degree programme.

     The date for submitting a request is not the date for filing a transfer application.

     Requests are processed within three working days.

    3. Receive an e-mail with an application form

     Should the results of the initial screening of your request turn out positive, you will receive an application form, along with the checklist of things to do in this regard.

    4. Submit an application to the degree programme’s academic supervisor and manager

     You must send an e-mail from your corporate e-mail account, with a transfer application attached thereto, to the degree programme’s academic supervisor and respective managers. A manager of the degree programme, where you wish to transfer, must be cc-ed to the e-mail (this requirement also applies during the lockdown period).

     If the option to send a scanned copy of the signed application is not available, it will be possible to send an application in Word format (this requirement also applies during the lockdown period).

    5. Wait for the academic supervisor’s decision

     The academic supervisor will send you and the manager of the degree programme, where you are aiming to transfer, a notification about the approval / substantiated refusal to approve a transfer to another DP (this requirement applies during the lockdown period).

    6. Take evaluation tests (if necessary) and wait for the decision on your transfer

     You will receive from the DP manager information about a decision reached during the evaluation procedure, including the year and module, as well as a place, where you will be offered to transfer, along with an individual curriculum.

     If the decision is positive, the evaluation committee shall determine the following:

    • a list of curriculum elements, which may be transferred towards a new DP;
    • a list of courses, which shall be studied or re-evaluated; 
    • the year of study, from which the student will continue his/her studies, if transferred.

     The total number of credits (credit value), which may be included in a student’s individual curriculum for one year, shall be determined as per the educational standard, upon which the educational programme has been developed. This value does not normally exceed 75 credit units (credits) per year. If some courses cannot be transferred towards a student’s new programme or courses/parts of courses are identified that have not been pursued by the student, such courses shall be included in his/her individual curriculum in addition to the standard roster of curriculum elements for the year of study, to which the student is transferring.

    7. Decide On Your Transfer

     Decide as to whether you will go ahead with the transfer or cancel the application. Notify the manager of the degree programme, where you plan to transfer, about your decision.

    8. Agree On Your Individual Curriculum (If A Positive Decision Is Made With Respect To Your Transfer)

     If a positive decision is made, you must agree on the draft individual curriculum, received from the degree programme’s manager, and sign an agreement for the provision of paid educational services (upon transferring to a fee-paying place).

    9. Wait For The Directive’s Issue And Start Your Studies

     After the directive on your transfer to another degree programme is issued, you can start your studies there.

     Before the issue of said directive, the faculty’s dean has the right to admit the student to studies as per a respective resolution.

Transfer to a Degree Programme

Studies under Several degree programmes

For studies under two or more degree programmes, an HSE University student may transfer to another degree programme without being dismissed from the DP, where he/she is enrolled at the time of the transfer

Can I transfer to another degree programme within HSE University during Year 1 (for studies under several DPs)?

Yes, you can. Transfers to another programme (without dismissal from the DP, where you are registered at the moment of transfer) is possible without interim assessment, i.e., before December of Year 1

What must I do to transfer to study under several degree programmes?

You need to fill out the application for transfer and submit it to the programme office of the degree programme, where you wish to transfer. There are no established dates for accepting the application, so they may be considered at any time (as opposed to the transfer from one DP to another DP with the dismissal from your initial DP)

To what place may I transfer?

Transferring to another programme without dismissal from the DP, where a student is enrolled at the moment of transfer, is only possible to a vacant place for transfer for studies on a fee-paying basis


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