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Teaching Assistants

About Teaching Assistants

HSE lecturers can apply to hire a teaching assistant, who may take on various routine course tasks. Faculties set their own application procedures and selection criteria for teaching assistants.

HSE students or grad students meeting the selection criteria set by a faculty can become teaching assistants. In turn, lecturers shall establish tasks for assistants, as well as monitor the quality of their work.

Lecturers are responsible for:

  • the quality of knowledge received by students;
  • the quality of the methodological materials prepared by teaching assistants;
  • providing methodological support to teaching assistants.

Lecturers may also replace a previously selected assistant if he or she can’t manage the tasks given to them.


Applications may be submitted by a lecturer twice a year via his/her HSE personal account at http://hse.ru/user.

Reviews and approvals of applications are carried out by a special committee within the lecturer’s faculty. Students selected as teaching assistants shall be either paid for their work by the university (if they sign a contract) or not paid (in such cases, students shall be awarded credits for internships or project work).

 Regulations on the Teaching Assistant Project (PDF, 185 Kb)

Applications may be submitted by assistants’ supervisors during the application period via their personal accounts (link). Deadlines for applications are set for individual faculties.


You may apply for a teaching assistant to be hired from first-year Master’s and doctoral students in 2016-2017. However, please note that applications will be approved at the end of August (or November for doctoral students), when students are officially enrolled. First-year doctoral students cannot be recruited as teaching assistants in the first module.

Issues concerning the recruitment, approval and employment of assistants are handled by respective faculties or lecturers.

Employment and Salaries

Dear teaching assistants! Effective January 2015, the entire employment procedure is performed within your supervisor’s faculty.

If you have any questions concerning applications, employment and salaries, please contact your faculty coordinator:

1MIEMElena Shavrinaeshavrina@hse.ru
2Faculty of Computer ScienceRimma Akhmetsafinarakhmetsafina@hse.ru
3Faculty of Economic SciencesElena Osipovaosipovaei@hse.ru
4Faculty of Business and ManagementIvan Elyashevich
Svetlana Bityay
5Faculty of Communications, Media and DesignTatiana Mitsuktmitsuk@hse.ru
6Faculty of World Economy and International RelationsOlga Bondarevabond@hse.ru
7Faculty of HumanitiesOlga Bubnenkovaobubnenkova@hse.ru
8Faculty of Social SciencesMaxim Prudnikovmprudnikov@hse.ru
9Faculty of MathematicsEvgeny Feigin
Natalia Lisichkina
10Department of Higher MathematicsNatalya Vasilyonoknvasilenok@hse.ru
11Faculty of LawNatalya Shirokovanshirokova@hse.ru

Salaries are paid at the Cash Desk in Room K-415, 20 Myasnitskaya Ul., (on Floor 2, turn left and walk along the passage to Krivokolenny Pereulok and go up to Floor 4). Please don’t forget to bring your passport.

If you have any questions, please contact your faculty coordinator.


Tatiana Chekmareva

Phone: (495) 625-59-04*113-75
Email: ttchekmareva@hse.ru;
20 Myasnitskaya ul., room 433 б.




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