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Students dismissed at their own initiative or at HSE University’s initiative may be reinstated at the University within established timeframes, as per the terms and conditions described below. 

Student Reinstatement Procedure

In order to start the reinstatement process, a student must submit an application by e-mail to the programme office of the relevant degree programme where he/she studied before dismissal.

Please indicate the date for your reinstatement, the reason for your dismissal, as well as the number and the date of the dismissal directive in your application (details of the dismissal directive can be requested from a programme manager of the degree programme).

You can find contact details of your programme manager on the website of the degree programme.

Permitted period for reinstatement

Other Limits on the Student’s Reinstatement

If there are any discrepancies in the respective curricula, the year of study and module to which the student will be reinstated, shall be determined by the evaluation committee.

Students dismissed for academic failure will not be reinstated if an application for their reinstatement has been submitted later than ten (10) working days after the starting date of the respective study period (module/semester), except for courses, which are implemented fully online.

Students dismissed for academic failure, who:

  • only failed practical training elements, may be reinstated no earlier than two (2) weeks before the start of the internship period indicated in the curriculum of the ongoing year of study;
  • only failed to choose a topic of a term paper/project and/or decided to change the topic and academic supervisor, may be reinstated no later than November 20 in the ongoing academic year.

If the student is getting reinstated only for the submission and assessment (e.g., repeated) of a term paper, he/she may be reinstated no earlier than two (2) weeks before the scheduled date for the submission of term papers. The student’s term paper must have already been received at HSE University (depending on the rules approved by the degree programme’s supervisors: via LMS, or by the programme office, or by the subdivision where the student’s academic supervisor is employed), since the moment of the student’s dismissal or going on leave. The term paper must be presented at the defence without any amendments thereto.

Reinstatement to the State-Funded Places

The student may be reinstated to a state-funded place (if the student was dismissed from a state-funded place at his/her own initiative) only upon availability of vacant state-funded places on the degree programme at the University.  If no state-funded places are available as at the reinstatement date, the student may decide to continue studies on a fee-paying place.

Decisions on the Student’s Reinstatement

Decisions on reinstatement of students previously dismissed from HSE University shall be made by the degree programme’s evaluation committee appointed by the faculty dean. The latter shall establish membership and timeframes for the committee’s operations.

The evaluation committee shall specify the year of study for the student’s reinstatement, as well as the module when he/she may resume his/her studies.

Reinstatement shall be enacted by the Vice Rector’s directive on the basis of the minutes of the evaluation committee’s meeting, the IC and the student’s application.

If the student has been dismissed for committing any offence with socially dangerous implications, as well as illegal use, acquisition, storage, transportation, manufacturing, or processing of narcotic or psychotropic substances, or in the result of any offences that pose a threat to the University’s information security, then the resolution of a specially designated commission shall be required for making a decision with respect to the student’s reinstatement in addition to the regular reinstatement procedure.

Reinstatement with the Subsequent Transfer

The student may be reinstated to the degree programme for the subsequent transfer to another degree programme is possible only within the transfer periods established by the programme, provided that vacant places (state-funded/fee-paying) are available on the given programme, and the reinstatement periods are observed. Please find more details here


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