Acting Training

Classes are taught in accordance with the Russian classical acting school tradition.

The philosophical basis of this teaching method was developed by Konstantin Stanislavski, who was among the most prominent actors, theatre directors, and theatre pedagogues of his day.

At the Theatre School, we study:

  • Acting
  • Speech

The main focus of the School are its acting classes. Our instructors teach students the basics of acting: oratory, partner interaction, teamwork, acting off of a script, and bodily movement. We seek to develop a student’s creativity, attention, memory, and acting intuition. These skills are necessary to create an effective performance. 

Another key component of our approach is to develop one’s personal quality. One’s ability to feel natural on stage and to experience all that happens inside the play is of great importance. To develop these skills, we stage sketches. We also develop the skill of character development through parody, observation, and work with animals. We also do vocal training and textual analysis.

We perform everything we do before an audience. We hold public classes, class-concerts, and plays.

During our public classes, we perform études and exercises. During our class concerts, we portray different sketches: parodies, clowning, and observations. These performances are the most important result of our work.

Every year we recruit juniors. The junior group doesn't participate in performances. During the first year of study, we focus on exercises, études, and character development. Juniors participate in Class Concerts and public classes.